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7 Best Women’s Leather Watches

From the sundial to the pendulum clock, to the wristwatch, we have been keeping track of time for thousands of years. In today’s overstimulated world, watches have been replaced by more advanced technology. But watches are still very popular. So, who is buying them and why? Watches, especially luxury ones, serve as status symbols. We wear them to make a statement, to tell the world “I have arrived”. So, this article will review some of the best women’s leather watches. They are chosen because they are among the highest rated from a top ten brand, have solid construction, and a Swiss movement.

7. Cartier Women’s Tank Solo Stainless Steel Dress Watch

Cartier Tank Solo watch

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Brand: Cartier
Color: Silver
Features: Rectangular face, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, analog display with Roman Numerals, water resistant, Swiss quartz movement.
Case: Stainless steel
Watch Band: Black textured calfskin with deployment buckle.

Cartier was once called the “jeweler of kings” by Edward VII of England. The Tank Solo is not the top of the line but is still among Cartier’s best women’s leather watches.

It speaks to the professionalism of the woman who wears it. It has a solid stainless steel case that can withstand everyday wear. Though simpler than similarly priced watches, it is still elegant enough to make an impression.

6. Chopard Women’s Imperiale Silver Dial Black Strap Diamond Watch

Chopard Women's Imperiale Silver

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Brand: Chopard
Color: Silver dial with Black Band
Features: Round shape, Analog display, luminous dial, water resistant, Swiss quartz movement, easy to read Roman Numerals, diamond bezel.
Case: Stainless Steel
Watch Band: Alligator leather.

Chopard watches are known for their Swiss precision and attention to detail. The Imperiale collection is the most feminine and highest-rated of Chopard’s line.

The diamond bezel gives this watch an elegant look, and the woman wearing it has a sense of sophistication. Depending on the supplier, you can find this watch at a discounted price with free shipping.

5. Vacheron-Constantin Malte Small Model

Vacheron Constantin Malte small modele

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Brand: Vacheron-Constantin
Color: Mother of Pearl
Features: Tonneau shaped dial, manual winding for approximately 40 hours of power, diamond bezel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, water resistant.
Case: 18K Pink Gold
Watch Band: Pink alligator mississippiensis leather.

Vacheron-Constantin is one of the Big Three brands (with Philippe Patek and Audemars Piguet). Vacheron watches are known for their Swiss Caliber movement, which is one of the sturdiest and most accurate in the world.

The Malte is the model designed for those who want to express their refined femininity. It is more expensive than similar models, like the Chopard, but the mother of pearl face makes this watch an investment.

4. Vacheron-Constantin 1972 Small Model

Vacheron Constantin 1972 small model

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Brand: Vacheron-Constantin
Color: White gold or pink gold
Features: Asymmetric shape, Caliber quartz movement, diamond bezel, water resistant.
Case: 18K Pink gold
Watch Band: Alligator mississippiensis in black, white, or cordovan.

Like all Vacheron watches, the 1972 has solid stainless steel construction and Caliber movement. However, it is definitely the most “fun” model on the best women’s leather watches list.

It is delivered with two bands for versatility. Though it expresses a women’s playful side, there is no denying the watch’s elegance. If you want a different look, this is the watch for you.

3. Patek Philippe Complications Ladies Annual Calendar White Gold Watch

Patek Philippe Complications Ladies

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Brand: Patek Philippe
Color: White gold
Features: Round shape, analog display, Swiss automatic movement. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water resistant.
Case: White gold
Watch Band: Blue alligator leather with standard buckle.

The Philippe Patek company is recognized as the inventor of the wristwatch. Operating since the 1800’s, their trademark remains a traditional/conservative style, with complicated mechanics.

The Calendar model is one of the best women’s leather watches because, in addition to its annual calendar, it has a moon phases sub-dial and diamond bezel. It doesn’t easily compare to other watches and generally sells for its high-end retail price.

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Rose Gold

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

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Brand: Audemars Piguet
Color: Gold with black dial
Features: Octagonal shape, glare-proof sapphire crystal, automatic self-wind for 40 hours of power, swiss movement, water resistant.
Case: Rose Gold
Watch Band: Brown alligator leather with fold-over clasp.

Watches from Audemars Piguet may be the most unique on the market. They are for women interested in high fashion.

The Royal Oak’s Calibre 2385 movement make the chronograph, date dial, and second hand extremely accurate, and the detail is evident in the hand-stitched band.

All of these features make the Royal Oak one of the highest rated of the best women’s leather watches.

1. Vacheron-Constantin Traditionelle Small Model

best women's leather watches

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Brand: Vacheron-Constantin
Color: White Gold
Features: Round shape, Analog display, Diamond face and dial, manual winding for approximately 40 hours of power, Swiss developed Caliber 1400 mechanism, water resistant.
Case: 18K White Gold
Watch Band: Dark blue Alligator Mississippiensis leather.

The Traditionelle model is the top of Vacheron’s line. It is for the woman who wants to communicate sheer elegance. The diamond face and bezel make this watch one of the most unique on the list.

As with all Vacheron-Constantin watches, it is of durable construction and precision movement. This combination puts the Traditionelle Small at the top of the best women’s watches list.

Final Statement

These are the best women’s leather watches in the world. They are durable, accurate, and elegant. Though the Traditionelle is the perfect combination, any one of these watches will help you express your personality. If you’re looking for an elegant watch, sans the leather, try one of our picks for the best women’s dress watches. Share your thoughts with us on the picks above!

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