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How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner: Easy Tips For Beginners

woman uses a liquid eyeliner to beautify her eyes

Do you love the look of a cat eye? Are you dying to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner like a beauty guru? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready for flawless, smooth, smudge-proof wings so sharp they could cut someone, then get ready. The techniques below will help take you from a novice to a pro in no time. Get your Q-tips ready, it’s time for some fierce liner!

What Is Liquid Eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is a style of eyeliner that is liquid in texture. Eyeliner is a cosmetic that is used to darken the lash line, alter the eye shape, and add dimensions to the face. There are many different brands, colors, and textures of liquid eyeliner available on the market.

What Types of Eyeliner Are There?

There are a plethora of different types and brands of eyeliners on the market. Each eyeliner claims to do something different. The most noticeable difference between eyeliners is color. The most common colors of liquid eyeliner are black, brown, and gray.

Eyeliner can also differ in the way that it dries. Some eyeliners may dry matte in appearance whereas others may dry with a shine or sparkle finish. It’s important to note that the difference in price will greatly affect the quality of the eyeliner and the outcome of your makeup look.

How Much Is Liquid Eyeliner?

Selecting the right liquid eyeliner for you may seem overwhelming due to the sheer amount of options on the market. Not to mention when it comes to the beauty industry prices are always all over the place. Some eyeliners can cost around $4 whereas some high-end brands can easily surpass $100.

It’s important to research each liquid eyeliner and brand thoroughly before you make a purchase. Pay attention to trends in customer reviews. If a lot of people are complaining about the same thing, it’s certainly a red flag you’ll want to consider. Be mindful that the higher the quality of ingredients, the better staying power and finish you’ll likely receive.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Liquid Eyeliner?

You may be asking yourself, why would I ever try using liquid eyeliner when my pencil works just fine? Well, liquid eyeliner has more than one benefit. First and foremost, liquid eyeliner has the staying power that other gels and pencils just can’t compete with. The formulas of the waterproof, smudge-proof, twenty-four-hour liquid eyeliners are almost always everything they claim to be. If you want the winged liner you slaved over to last all day, then liquid is the way to go.

Another reason why liquid eyeliner is a step above standard eyeliner is because of the precision. Tiny-haired brushes and slender felt tips give you the edge you need to create sharp and precise lines every time. Using a pencil or a gel can get messy fast and the cleanup can be just as bad. With liquid eyeliner, simply take a Q-tip and roll it over the affected area to magically lift the product away. Trust us, we know this may sound too good to be true, but it really does work.

Can You Tell Me How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

So, you’ve learned everything there is to learn about liquid eyeliner and you’re ready to get started. First things first, you’ll want to take a deep breath. Know that sometimes makeup application can be frustrating, but the power of makeup is that it’s not permanent and you can easily remove any mistakes and try again. We suggest grabbing the following supplies:

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow or eyelid primer
  • Optional: small angled brush
  • Optional: eyeshadow the same color as your eyeliner
  • Optional: piece of masking tape or a business card
brushes and make ups used to enhance a woman's beauty

Step One: Gather Your Supplies

The first step to learning how to apply liquid eyeliner is to gather your supplies. If you’d like a little extra assistance during application we suggest grabbing a small piece of masking tape or a business card if you’ve already applied your foundation or are sensitive to adhesives. Additionally, if you’d like your liquid eyeliner to last even longer, we recommend gathering a small angled makeup brush and eyeshadow in the same, or as close to the same as possible, color and finish as your eyeliner.

Step Two: Prep

The second step to knowing how to apply liquid eyeliner is to prepare the eyelid for the product. To do so, use an eyeshadow or eyelid primer across the entire lid. If you’d like your eyeliner to feature a long wing, extend the primer out past the outside corners of the eyes.

Not only does primer help prepare the eyelid for makeup, it helps the makeup last all day long. Think of it like the foundation of a building; it’s necessary if you want to add more things on top. Primer ensures your makeup won’t budge, especially if it’s also waterproof.

Step Three: Outline

For this next step you’ll want to be in front of a mirror or, better yet, have a handheld mirror. The easiest way to get started is by drawing an outline with a pencil or using eyeshadow before drawing the liquid line. If you’re more confident, feel free to start with the liquid liner right off the bat. After all, you can always clean up any mistakes with a Q-tip.

To know where to place your eyeliner you can use the liquid eyeliner itself as your guide. If it’s in a pen style or has a long, straight handle, line it up with the outside corner of your eye and meet it with the end of your eyebrow. That angle is the angle in which you can draw your winged liner.

Beginners Tip: Extra Help

If you want a little extra help when drawing a wing from liquid eyeliner, you can easily use the tape or business card method. To use tape to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner, place the tape in the same position that we mentioned above. After you’ve placed the piece of tape from the outside corner of your eye up to the end of your eyebrow, you can begin drawing. To use the business card, simply hold the card in place while you apply the eyeliner for an edge and guide.

Step Four: Start Applying

This is the exciting part. If you skipped the last step and came straight here, welcome, you confident future makeup gurus, you. It’s time to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro.

First things first, you’ll want to start on the inner corner of your eye and work towards the wing. People have the tendency to start with the wings and get overwhelmed about their shape and size and connecting them with the rest of the eye. Avoid those worries by starting at the inner corner and working in small fine strokes. Keep lining as close to your lash line as possible and stop when you get to the outside corner of your eye.

Step Five: The Wing

You’ve almost made it to the end and learned how to apply liquid eyeliner but there’s one more test for you to pass and that’s the liquid wing. A wing is something that still gives even the most professional of makeup artists little butterflies in their stomach. The wing is easy to mess up but when it’s right it looks immaculate and fierce.

If you’re using the tape or business card method, this will be much easier for you. Simply start drawing a line, using those same fine lines as before and angle them up toward the outside end of your eyebrow just as your outline may suggest. How far out you extend your wing is up to you and your style preferences.

Step Six: Fill It In

Once you’ve extended the line to a length you’re comfortable with, you’ll want to start at the end of your line and draw it straight back to hit your original line. This should create a small triangle on the outside corner of your eye. Simply fill this in and repeat on the other side.

Long Lasting Tip:

You’ve just learned how to apply liquid eyeliner, and you don’t want to lose it in one sneeze. If you want your liquid eyeliner to last all day, then aside from using an eyeshadow primer, you can also use eyeshadow. Placing a small amount of eyeshadow in the same color as your liquid eyeliner over the liner will further set the product in place. We recommend using a small angled brush to achieve this precision.

a model showing off her gorgeous look using simple make ups


Applying liquid eyeliner isn’t easy, and that’s why practice is crucial to your success. If you get discouraged, remember that makeup can be removed. Use a Q-tip to clean up any fallout or mistakes you may have while learning.

Learning how to apply liquid eyeliner is hard for everyone. It is often times a black waterproof product that’s hard to remove. Luckily, by using the tips and tricks above you can learn how to apply liquid eyeliner like a true beauty guru.

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