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The 10 Best Aviator Sunglasses For A Stylish And Classic Look

Summer is here, the sun is shining, and you know what that means. Vacations, beach trips, sun tanning! But no summer is quite complete without that one accessory that can tie your whole summer outfit together -- the best aviator sunglasses.

Sunglasses not only make you look like a stone cold stunner, but they also allow you to enjoy the summer sun without squinting. And what is better than finding the absolute best aviator sunglasses to make your summer perfect.

Aviators are not only a timeless classic but probably the most sought after facial accessory apart from a killer hat. Mysterious, cool, not to mention they go with just about any outfit ever. But there are a lot of choices out there.

Sure you could go with a cheapo pair of gas station sunglasses. But let's be honest, they will never last the test of time. And if you are planning on being active over the summer, you need a pair of sunglasses that can keep up.

Aviators have stood the test of time and have come out looking even better than before. After all, what's better than a classic?

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What Makes Aviator Sunglasses a Classic

sunglasses on top of books\

Image source: Pixabay

These sunglasses are an American classic that has found itself to nearly every corner of the world.

However, it all started in 1936 when Bausch and Lomb were commissioned to make glasses for pilots flying combat planes in World War I. That was because many pilots started complaining about strain from the sun when they were flying at high altitudes.

That is where the teardrop style first popped up. Bausch and Lomb found that it was the only way to give proper eye coverage but keep the sunglasses attractive enough to be worn. These glasses became known as "aviators" and quickly became widely popular.

Before they knew it, it was more than just pilots who were wearing these sunglasses. Outdoorsmen started buying up these stylish sunglasses as a luxury item to use when fishing, hunting, or doing any other outdoor activity.

The main attraction was the unique shape that kept their eyes shaded no matter at what angle they were looking.

By the end of World War 2, you could find all types of pilots wearing these aviators. When General Douglas MacArthur was captured wearing a pair of these iconic sunglasses, Hollywood took notice and actors started wearing them in films about the war.

Not long after, the glasses found themselves on the faces of police officers. Officers particularly liked the mirroring effect the sunglasses had, that kept criminals from seeing their eyes and allowed them to adjust from outside to indoor lighting more easily.

Again, Hollywood noticed this and the glasses became a famous trademark of law enforcement on TV and in movies. After Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wore the sunglasses in the 1986 epic, Top Gun, aviators became an American classic.

Variations Of Aviators

Nowadays, aviators come in many different styles, colors, and materials. Each of them has its advantages, but it ultimately comes down to what you prefer. The best aviator sunglasses for you will be a pair that you feel comfortable in.

Some materials will be much heavier than others, but you may sacrifice durability in the process. Not to mention that depending on the material, the price will most likely affect that as well.

Typically, the materials include metal, plastic, or a combination of the two. There is also the type of metal that is used, which will again, factor into the durability, weight, and price of the glasses.

Then, of course, you have to look at the actual style of sunglasses. The teardrop is not the only design anymore. Many companies have added their spin on the classic look to make it their own, but is it enough to make it your own?

In most cases, there are three to choose from. The classic teardrop, navigator, and sporty. And if that was not enough, then you have to factor in the other brand-specific variations as well.

Last, but not least, is the lens color, which can be possibly one of the most important factors when choosing the best aviator sunglasses. With each variation of color, you get a new perspective of the world. Plus, the color can also affect the level of light blocking that you may get with those sunglasses.

For example, brown lenses will tend to brighten and saturate colors more, which may allow you to see details better. Mirrored lenses absorb and reflect glare. You get the idea. Each lens will give you a different color effect and ultimately, a different level of light blockage.

Additional Features

When it comes to finding the best aviator sunglasses, you have to consider any of the many other features a brand may have.

These could include the level of UV protection that is included with the glasses. If they are Rx compatible, meaning that the lenses can be removed and be fitted with your specific prescription. If the lenses are polarized, which allows you to see better with them on and provides less of a glare.

Along with many other features that you may or may not want. It is essential to take a look at all of them before you make your choice.

Our Review Process

Now, we have not tried on and personally tested out every pair of glasses we put on our best aviator sunglasses list. But that should not lead you to doubt our choices. We have done our research and based our decisions on the top rated products across multiple websites, including Amazon.

We believe that each product here represents the best of the best when it comes to aviator sunglasses, and we want nothing more than to supply you with all the proper information to make a well-educated choice.

Best Aviator Sunglasses

bed rows of sunglasses

Image Source: Pixabay

Now for this list, we have split it into two. The first list includes the top five big name brand names in sunglasses, while the second list features some smaller brands that may be more gentle on your pockets.

Rest assured, all of these choices were made with thorough research and considering customer reviews. The products on our best aviator sunglasses lists are in no particular order.

Best Aviator Sunglasses: Top 5 Name Brand Aviators

If you are really looking for the best aviator sunglasses money can buy, look no further than the name brand. These glasses are popular for a reason. Not only are they made with high-quality materials, but they have the trust and reliability of the name behind them.

When you hear some of these names, you know you will be getting a great product. So if you have the means, why not go big?


Ray-Ban Original Aviators RB3025

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Black/Green, 58 mm
  • CLASSIC AVIATOR SUNGLASSES: Protect your eyes with style made famous by aviators since 1937. Ray-Ban RB3025 Large Metal...
  • NON-POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: RB3025 Aviator sunglasses feature legendary Ray-Ban G-15 non-polarized lenses, which provide...
  • 100% UV PROTECTION: These stylish sunglasses were made famous by Top Gun. You can feel comfortable knowing that the...

Why go for anything else when you can have the original?

Ray-Ban, the original aviators, feature an all metal, lightweight frame and are available in a myriad of colors.

Besides these being the ultimate classic, they also have a unique six layer anti-glare finish. They are available in polarized or non-polarized and are Rx ready.

Not to mention, you get to sport that iconic Ray-Ban logo laser printed discretely on the lenses. Ray-Ban's Aviators have a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and a badge for #1 Best Seller, making them a natural choice for anyone looking to stay classic in the modern age.


Lacoste L177SP

Lacoste Men's L177S Aviator Sunglasses, Gunmetal/Grey Polarized, 59 mm
  • Case included
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • Lasered Lacoste logo on Polarized lens

Lacoste is known for its luxury items, and their sunglasses are no different. These imported aviators feature a metal frame with polarized plastic lenses. The lenses also, of course, come with 100 percent UV protection coating and are Rx friendly.

The flex hinge on the arm allows for seamless maneuverability of the arms and increased flexibility, to prevent any breakage. While only one customer cared to leave a review, they did so by giving Lacoste 5 out of 5 stars across the board. If you are looking for something that lives up to the Lacoste name, this is it.


Maui Jim Castles

Lacoste Men's L177S Aviator Sunglasses, Gold/Green Polarized, 59 mm
  • Case included
  • Lenses are prescription ready (rx-able)
  • Lasered Lacoste logo on Polarized lens

Looking to see the world through rose-colored glasses? Look no further. The Maui Jim Castles represent the epitome of island style. A complete metal frame cradle the glass lenses in either matte chocolate or black, whichever you prefer.

Exclusive to Maui Jim, the Castles feature their PolarizedPlus2 technology that allows you to not only be shielded from the UV rays of the sun but also enhance the colors to reveal the beauty of what is around you.

And if that was not enough, how do a 2-year warranty and a solid 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon sound? Like a tropical paradise? Thought so.


Carrera Ca1001

Welcome to the modern age. Carrera takes the classic aviator style and gives it a modern makeover. They take the already large design and crank it up a notch. The all plastic design makes these aviators crazy lightweight and durable, thanks to the added thickness of the frame.

Not to mention 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. If you are looking for something that is going to stand out amongst the crowd, Carrera has got you covered, literally.


Tom Ford FT0335S

New Tom Ford Sunglasses Men Aviator TF 335 Black 01P Eliott 60mm
  • Brand: Tom Ford Model: Elliot; TF335
  • Style: Fashion Pilot Frame/Temple Color: Shiny Black - 01P
  • Lens Color: Green Gradient Size: Lens-60 Bridge-10 B-Vertical Height-48.8 ED-Effective Diameter-68.2 Temple-130mm

While some will take a classic and change it to the point of ruining it, Tom Ford knows precisely how to keep a classic, relevant. With an all plastic design from frames to lenses, these Aviators will ensure that your eyes are shaded with style.

And if you want to add the rose gold accent for good measure, it couldn't hurt. Either way, you'll be wearing 4.1 out of 5 stars on your face. And that sounds pretty good.

Best Aviator Sunglasses: Top 5 Affordable Aviators

While the big brand names are great, sometimes they can be a bit pricey. So if you are looking to stand up to the big dogs on a budget, we've got the glasses for you.

These shades will give you that name brand quality feel, with the affordability of a mom and pop shop. Best of both worlds? Possibly.


ATTCL Driving Sunglasses

ATTCL Men's Driving Polarized Sunglasses Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light...
  • Hot Classic Driving Polarized Sunglasses Fit for driving, hiking and variety outdoor activities

While many brands make their sunglasses for loungers, ATTCL has their eye on the active consumer.

These Aviator style sunglasses ensure a snug fit, so you never lose your shades during your roaming. Couple that with an aluminum-magnesium metal alloy and you can run, climb, and play knowing that if you do lose your head, your glasses will remain unscathed.

If you do not trust this review, you can probably trust the 400 customers who helped get the ATTCL's to 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


SOJOS Aviators

ATTCL Men's Driving Polarized Sunglasses Al-Mg Metal Frame Ultra Light...
  • Hot Classic Driving Polarized Sunglasses Fit for driving, hiking and variety outdoor activities

Protection is the name of the game when it comes to these bad boys. SOJOS Aviators feature UV400 protected lenses that cover both UVA and UVB rays from harming your eyes.

They can get you from squinting in the sun to soaking in all this life as to offer with just a flick of the wrist, thanks to the solid metal hinges.

And if you are the kind of person who does not like to be in the norm, the variety of colors have got you covered there as well. Whichever color you decide goes best with your style, they all come with 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


Merry's Aviators

MERRY'S Men's Polarized Driving Sunglasses For Men Unbreakable Frame...
  • POLARIZED LENS - Polarized sunglasses reduce glare reflected off of roads, bodies of water, snow, and other horizontal...
  • STYLE-2016 Newest Brand Design,It is Suitable For Any Face, Show Your Unique And High-end Taste.
  • Suitable- Houseboat ,Driving, Running, Fishing,Racing, Skiing and Climbing, Trekking and Business Or Other Outdoor...

If you are an outdoorsman, you need something to keep up with your lifestyle. Thankfully, Merry has got just the thing for you.

Merry's metal frame and composite lenses ensure that no matter what you throw that these glasses, or what you throw these glasses at, they will come out of it as good as new.

Plus UV400 protection doesn't hurt, and neither does 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Rocknight Aviators

ROCKNIGHT Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Men Women Metal Frame Flat...
  • 【Polarized UV400 Sunglasses】:High performance polarized with 100% UV protection, restores true and vivid color
  • 【Stylish Silver Mirrored HD Lens】: Classic aviator shape with mirror lens, hydrophobic and anti-reflective, good...
  • 【Flexible and Adjustable Design】: Solid spring metal hinge and adjustable nose pads to fit your size. Suitable for...

As the name suggests, Rocknight Aviators are made for the rockers. A full metal frame and unique resin lenses keep you rocking throughout the day. And with a hydrophobic coating, you can go rock wherever you want without worrying about your glasses getting water damage.

They also feature thicker arms, which keep them on your head during all of your headbanging. So, rock on, and enjoy these killer 4.1 out of 5 stars rated shades.


J+S Military Style Aviators

J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Polarized, 100%...
  • POLARIZED LENS – specialized multi layer lens designed to filter and block over 99.96% of glare – J+S Polarized...
  • UV 400 PROTECTION - J+S Vision lenses are 400UV rated, meaning it can block 99%-100% of both UVA and UVB radiation....
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME - made with metallic alloy that is ultra light weight yet strong and durable. It comes with spring...

Sometimes, you have to look the part. With J+S, you can pull off the perfect military look. But these are not just for show, J+S mean business.

With a high-quality metallic alloy frame, spring-loaded hinges, and flash mirrored lenses, these will get you from zero to hero in no time. And what would a hero be without his protection?

In this case, protection comes in the form of UV400 and a whopping 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. So whatever the need be, these aviators can handle any situation.

Customer Advice

Buying your first pair of sunglasses may seem like an easy choice, but when you actually start to look at all the different types and especially the prices, that choice may become a bit more challenging to make. You want to make sure you have chosen the absolute best aviator sunglasses you possibly could.

What better place to look for buying advice than from people who have bought aviators in the past. Customer reviews are the best place to find all the nitty-gritty details that you may not have even thought of.

Take the reviews on the Ray-Ban aviators, for example. Many reports are stating that the glasses are in fact replicas of the Ray-Ban design. One report in specific advises customers to keep an eye on the seller name because the same product can have multiple third-party sellers.

To ensure that you are receiving legitimate Ray-Ban Aviators, be sure that the seller is Amazon themselves, and not a third-party seller. After all, you want to be sure that you are getting the best aviator sunglasses for your money.

The Best Look For Your Buck

pink sunglasses on sand

Image Source: Pixabay

Aviators have been an American classic for years, and good reason. Their timeless style and convenience make aviators an easy choice to complete your summer look. Now, the only thing left to do is find the best aviator sunglasses style for you.

Will it be all metal navigators? Maybe a more modern take with the plastic sport. But nothing quite beats the original teardrop design.

Whatever you choose, you can be certain that you have all the information you need to make it with confidence. And if you need more information, feel free to check out any of the other guides and articles we have featured on

There are a ton of reasons for loving Aviators, what is yours? Let us know in the comment section below.

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