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7 Best Luxury Dress Watches for Women

There are special occasions in every woman’s life when she wants to look her best. And if a time piece is indispensable to you as part of your wardrobe, then you shouldn’t have to give it up for being too casual for formal wear. With this thought in mind, we have put together a selection of the best luxury dress watches for women, which work best when paired with dresses, suits, and skirts.

We have ranked the watches themselves according to user’s opinions, in descending order, from top to bottom.

7. Bvlgari Automatic Yellow Gold Ladies Watch

bvlgari automatic yellow gold ladies watch

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Brand: Bvlgari

Color: Black and Gold

Features: It is water resistant up to 30 meters

Style: Round with traditional numerals and a sapphire dial

Case: 18K Yellow Gold

Watch Band: Leather

This is truly one of the most elegant and best luxury dress watches for women you’ll ever see. Bvulgari has really outdone itself in creating this one of a kind time piece for dressier events with is classy black and gold color combination. It’s truly one of those moments when you can say that less is more. Devoid of any unnecessary frills, the watch has a simple 18K gold round dial with the brand’s name embossed on it. The numerals are made of gold as well, all on a brilliant pitch-dark background that enhances the elegant contrast.

6. Swisstek Women’s SK47735L Allegro Limited Edition Diamond Watch

swisstek womens allegro diamond watch

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Brand: Swisstek

Color: Silver

Features: Water resistant up to 50 meters and in the shower

Style: Stylized flower

Case: Stainless steel with white diamonds

Watch Band: Stingray leather

The Swisstek Allegro is truly a sight to behold when it comes to dress watches for women. It’s one of the few watches and the only one on our list with a wrist band they made of actual stingray leather. Apart from that, the dial has a very beautiful shape, being styled as a large flower that will perfectly crown your wrist. The case and the dial itself have a cover of 3.5 karat white diamonds. And, as if all this wasn’t enough, you can actually take this amazing time piece with you when you go swimming. It is completely waterproof for up to 50 meters. The most amazing thing, however, is that there are only 100 in the world, the watch having been made in a limited edition.

5. Jacob & Co. Black Band Five Time Zone Skull Dial 5.00Ct Diamond Watch

jacob co skull dial ladies diamond watch

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Brand: Jacob & Co.

Color: Black and gray

Features: Dial with five time zones

Style: Round

Case: Stainless steel

Watch Band: Leather

Here’s one of the best luxury dress watches on the market for the most adventurous ladies out there. This Jacob & Co. time piece is unique thanks to the design on its dial which represents a black skull. The design itself was obtained by using both white and very rare black diamonds for the dial. This aspect, together whit the diamonds on the case and the black leather strap create a fresh and young look, perfect for unique ladies who don’t like to play by the rules. One amazing feature is that this watch can tell you the time in five different time zones at once.

4. Audemars Piguet Diamond Ladies Watch in 18K Yellow Gold

audemars piguet ladies yellow gold watch

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Brand: Audemars Piguet

Color: Gold and blue

Features: Sapphire dial window

Style: Round

Case: Yellow gold

Watch Band: Crocodile leather

This Audemars Piguet is a true vintage beauty. The model comes from a 1995 collection and we included it on our list of the best luxury dress watches for women because we all know that the 90s are back style and fashion wise. This means that all the accessories we use to wear back then are back as well. And happier we could not be about that since the dress watches they made in that decade were among the most beautiful ones we ever saw.

This is a 18k yellow gold one of a kind piece with two rows of white diamonds and a brilliant blue crocodile leather band. The dial is mother of pearl colored, which means you can wear with any outfit you choose.

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3. Versace Women’s Mystique Rose Gold Black Dial Diamond Watch

versace rose gold ladies diamond watch

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Brand: Versace

Color: Rose gold

Features: Black guilloche dial, water resistant up to 50 meters

Style: Round

Case: Stainless steel

Watch Band: Stainless steel

Nobody does it like Versace, not even when it comes to watches, right ladies? Leave it to the Italian fashion house to come up with one of the most fantastic and one of the best luxury dress watches for women we’ve ever seen. This marvelous time piece made it all the way to number three on our list for three reasons. It comes in the past few years’ most coveted color – rose gold. It has a myriad of white diamonds, not only on the dial and case but on the strap as well. And for that glorious black guilloche dial with the classic Medusa head which simply ties it all together in good taste.

2. Chopard Imperiale Ladies Rose Gold Diamond Watch

chopard imperiale rose gold ladies watch

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Brand: Chopard

Color: Rose gold

Features: Water resistant up to 50 meters

Style: Round

Case: 18k rose gold

Watch Band: 18k rose gold

The second rose gold time piece on our list of the best luxury dress watches for women comes from Chopard. It’s the Imperiale Diamond Watch. You might be wondering why this one ranks higher. Here’s why. It has a 18k rose gold case, 58 diamonds, and its dial is made completely of silver and mother of pearl in color. It also has a date window where the 3 o’clock position sits, and its lugs and crown have a sapphire cabochon. The bracelet itself is made of 18k rose gold.

1. Jaeger LeCoultre 1926 Women’s Watch

jaeger lecoultre 1926 watch for ladies

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Brand: Jaeger LeCoultre

Color: Yellow Gold

Features: Fold over clasp

Style: Square

Case: Yellow Gold

Watch Band: Yellow Gold

If we’re talking about the best luxury dress watches for women, you cannot possibly go wrong with a time piece coming to you straight from the roaring 20s. That’s right, this Jaeger LeCoultre time piece stood the test of time, pun intended, twice over. First of all, it belongs to a collection that they released back in 1975, which means that it is almost 40 years old, making it a piece of jewelry any woman would be proud to wear. Second of all, they modeled it after a design from 1926, during the Jazz Age.

The watch itself is made of yellow gold with a champagne colored dial, you have to wind it by hand, which adds to the charm, and it’s square in shape.

Final Statement

Here are the seven best luxury dress watches for women. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know which one was your favorite. Was it the ultra-elegant black and gold Bvlgari, the rose gold Versace or the 1926 Jazz Age Jaeger LeCoultre? Or did you like them all? We know we did.

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