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10 Best Luxury Key Holders

Let’s begin with a simple question. Do you have a key holder? We’re sure you do. Now another one. How many times have you lost your keys? Probably a few times. We think we are right in assuming, though, that if you were the proud and happy owner of any of the following luxurious key chains, not only would you not want to lose your keys, you wouldn’t want to lose your key chain! That’s right. This is a list of the best luxury key holder brands and designs out there, ranking in descending order according to quality and user reviews, from top to bottom.

10. Prada men’s genuine leather key chain key ring holder

prada leather key chain

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Brand: Prada

Color: Red and silver

Material: Leather and Stainless steel

Features: Prada logo

We kick off our list of the best luxury key holder brands in real style with this amazing Prada designed key chain. It’s made of stainless steel and genuine black leather with the Prada logo on it. The key ring has a very manly design, seeing as it’s in the shape of a hot and fiery red jalapeno. So, if you like it hot and luxurious, this is the key holder for you, gentlemen!

9. Art Dog Ltd., Bouvier, Flanders Cattle Dog, Silver Hallmark 925

art dog ltd key chain

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Brand: Art Dog Ltd

Color: Silver

Material: Silver

Features: Shaped like a Cattle dog

If you are a dog person, there is no better best luxury key holder than this one. It comes to us by the lovely designers over at Art Dog Ltd., and it’s in the shape of a Flander Cattle dog. Not only that, but that key chain in itself is made entirely out of silver by a Polish artist. Talk about luxury! The key holder and the entire collection, for that matter, is unique, which means you will be the only one in possession of the lovely dog.

8. Sunrise Identity Customized Logo Key Holder

sunrise identity logo key chain

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Brand: Sunrise Identity

Color: Gunmetal Silver or gray

Material: Stainless steel

Features: You can personalize it

How about a key chain that you can personalize with your own logo? Now that is something we would call the best luxury key holder. The fellows over at Sunrise Identity offer this type of service. Not only that, but they provide the key chain as well. It’s made of stainless steel, and it comes in either nickel or gunmetal silver, depending on your preferences. All you need to do is pick out your logo or send them your existing one if you already have it!

7. LINSION 925 Sterling Silver Heavy Armor Claw Key Chain

linsion key chain

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Brand: Linsion

Color: Silver

Material: Silver

Features: Dragon claw at one end

Whether you’re a biker or just think those guys are really cool, you definitely need this best luxury key holder in your life. It comes in the shape of a heavy biker chain that has a wicked claw at the end. It’s made entirely of 925 sterling silver. Plus, the producer can make it in any length you need. Although the dragon claw is amazing on its own, the clasp that latches onto your wallet or jeans is pretty amazing design-wise as well. Just check it out.

6. Italian Gold 14k Yellow Gold Rectangle Keychain with Tri-Color Design

italian gold 14k key chain

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Brand: Italian Gold

Color: Gold

Material: Gold

Features: Three geometric lines

If silver is not your favorite precious metal, maybe you’d like a key holder made of gold. After all, we are talking about the best luxury key holder brands, right? This key chain was made in Italy out of 14k gold. It’s very simple and elegant in design, having a rectangular shape. On the front, you will notice three lines that cut across it diagonally, in a beautiful geometry. They are soft pink, yellow, and light gray.

5. Ferrari Cavallino Rampante “Rim” Keyring

ferrari key chain

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Brand: Ferrari

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Features: The Ferrari logo

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who own a Ferrari and those who would like to own a Ferrari. Both of those people, however, should have this best luxury key holder. Its design is absolutely superb. The short metallic chain supports a miniature car rim. At its center, you can see the Ferrari logo, which is the black stallion or ‘cavallino rampante’ on its hind legs on a field of bright yellow. It doesn’t get manlier than this.

4. LINSION Tribal Dragon Hook KeyChain Black Feather Sterling Silver Biker

linsion tribal key chain

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Brand: Linsion

Color: Silver

Material: Silver

Features: Shaped like the head of a dragon

We’re back to Linsion for the fourth spot on our best luxury key holder list. This time it’s one amazing key chain shaped like a tribal dragon hook. It’s made of sterling silver, very heavy and thick, which guarantees its authenticity and empowers the owner to feel masculine and strong. The key chain will be a perfect addition to every man’s man!

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3. David Yurman Waves Key Fob Ring Brown Leather Sterling Silver

david yurman key chain

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Brand: David Yurman

Color: Silver and Brown

Material: Silver and Leather

Features: Waves pattern

How would you feel about always having the sea with you? Or in your pocket? We bet you would love that. Well, now you can, with this one of a kind best luxury key holder. It was designed by David Yurman and it’s made of sterling silver with brown leather. It’s extremely classy and elegant without being understated. In other words, exactly what a gentleman needs for his keys.

2. So Chic Jewels – Mens 925 Sterling Silver GI ID Plate + Second GI ID Plate with 20 cm chain

so chic jewels key chain

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Brand: So Chic Jewels

Color: Silver

Material: Silver

Features: GI ID plates that can be engraved

This particular best luxury key holder is at number two on our list because it’s simply of the coolest key chains we’ve seen so far. It has not one but two GI ID plates. And guess what? Yes, you can engrave them with your name and ID or whatever message you want. They are both made of sterling silver which adds charm and a touch of luxury to this military piece of memorabilia. They both have their very own chains, which are in the same style soldiers typically wear as well.

1. Square Enix Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Blaze Edge Leather Keychain

final fantasy key chain

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Brand: Square Enix

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless steel

Features: It is a collectible item

We’ve left the best for last with this amazing piece of fan merchandise. It’s the lightning blaze edge dagger from Final Fantasy XIII which you can now own in the shape of your best luxury key holder. We cannot possibly imagine something cooler than this. Just think about it. You reach into your pocket for your keys and out comes a miniature replica of this insane piece of fantasy weaponry from the game! How cool is that?

Final Statement

There you have it. Our top ten picks for the best luxury key holder brands out there. Which one would you wear and why? Let us know in the comment section below and help us because we cannot seem to be able to make up our minds between the Final Fantasy dagger, the Italian gold key holder, the Ferrari rim rendition or the dragon head one.

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