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7 Best Piaget Watches

Back in 1874, one man by the name of Georges Edouard Piaget had a dream. To make watches. Therefore, he set shop on his family’s farm, which was in a small but beautiful village in the Swiss mountains. He dedicated himself to make pocket watches as well as clock movements of very high precision. Today, the entire world has a dream too. To own one of the exquisite Piaget watches. Therefore, from the majestic Swiss mountains over a hundred years ago to ladies’ wrists everywhere, we have compiled a list of the best Piaget watches for women.

All the pieces have been ranked according to quality, aesthetics, and user ratings. They are listed in descending order.

7. The Classic Piaget Jewelry Watch

The Classic Piaget Jewelry Watch

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Brand:  Piaget

Color: Pink Gold

Features: Oval dial, ribbon band

Style: Round, no markers, gold, and diamonds

Case: Silver Plated

Watch Band: Gold

The curious thing about this gorgeous first entry on our best Piaget watches list is that you won’t notice its dial as much as you will notice its bracelet. It continues in the high Piaget tradition of working with gold. It is incredibly intricate and delicate, perfect for a beautiful and delicate woman. The classic diamond watch has a band almost like a silk ribbon made entirely out of gold that wraps its luxurious touch tenderly across your fine skin.

However, the dial itself is not to be overlooked. The multitude of diamonds that adorn the small, oval window speaks of purity of soul and clarity of mind. The pink gold surrounding them is sensual in a quiet and distinguished way.

6. The Piaget Traditional Watch

The Piaget Traditional Watch

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Brand: Piaget

Color: White

Features: Round Dial

Style: Round, sapphire markers, diamond backdrop

Case: White Gold

Watch Band: White Gold

This is one of the most elegant and best Piaget watches out there. It has a very simplistic and retro look, being ultra-thin and having a mechanical movement. The round face is set in its entirety with white diamonds and sapphires that represent the hours of the day. The exceptionally well-crafted bracelet is very flexible, allowing you to wear this watch even when you are performing some light physical activities, such as tennis or yachting. You can wear this traditional watch with Piaget’s Possession ring, which also has diamonds set in white gold.

5. The Piaget Tanagra

The Piaget Tanagra

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Brand: Piaget

Color: Gold and Blue

Features: Round dial and flexible bracelet

Style: Round, 18k solid gold set with diamonds

Case: Gold

Watch Band: Gold

Here is a beauty of a watch that is sure to attract all attention everywhere you go. It ranks number five on our list of the best Piaget watches for women thanks to its unique and extremely pleasing aesthetics. Not only is this classy and eye-catching timepiece made of solid 18k gold, but it also has a sapphire blue backdrop to its dial, and it is set in white diamonds. The bracelet itself is a testament to just how crafty the house of Piaget is when it comes to working with gold. It is highly flexible, molding and lending itself to every single movement of your wrist. Soon enough, this golden hour beauty will feel like a second skin.

4. The Piaget Limelight Stella Watch

The Piaget Limelight Stella Watch

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Brand: Piaget

Color: Pink Gold

Features: Round case with an oval dial and leather bracelet

Style: Round and oval with rose pink gold and diamonds

Case: Rose Pink Gold

Watch Band: Leather

The Limelight Stella is one Piaget watch that will definitely leave you star struck. For the first time ever in a women’s line, Piaget has introduced with Stella a blend of two shapes. This watch has a round case that surrounds an oval dial. Apart from that, the watch is also capable of showing the moon phases. It has a sapphire crystal back in a gorgeous rose gold encasing layered with rows upon rows of diamonds. All of this, coupled with a very realistic rendering of a copper moon add up to a very poetical femininity of this masterpiece of a watch. The bracelet is made of the finest alligator leather, smooth and silky, perfecting the design and enveloping your wrist in couture luxury.

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3. The Piaget Vintage Dress

The Piaget Vintage Dress

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Brand: Piaget

Color: Gold

Features: Rectangular case and dial with a gold bracelet

Style: Rectangular with gold and diamonds

Case: Gold

Watch Band: Gold

This particular Piaget watch literally looks like someone simply took a piece of gold and dipped it in diamonds. Moreover, this is also the reason why it made it all the way to the third position on our list of the seven best Piaget watches for ladies. It is an extremely simple timepiece, with a rectangular dial set in gold. However, the quantity of diamonds inside it and the way they have been skillfully implanted in such a fashion as if they are floating in midair just beneath the glass gives an impression of pure, white, diamond snow in a sea of gold.

2. The Altiplano Rose Watch

The Altiplano Rose Watch

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Brand: Piaget

Color: White and Rose

Features: Round dial and case with an alligator bracelet

Style: Round with glass rose mosaic, white gold case, white diamonds, and alligator bracelet

Case: White Gold

Watch Band: Aligator

Purely for aesthetic reasons, the Altiplano Rose Watch made it to second place on the best Piaget watches list. Don’t think about quality, though. With Piaget, quality is a given. Therefore, you are most welcomed to choose a watch purely based on the way it looks. Which is exactly what we did with this one.

The amazing thing about this timepiece is not so much the enchanting rose you can see on the backdrop of its dial. If you take a closer look, you will actually notice that it is a mosaic made entirely of glass. In other words, you will be wearing a piece of art on your wrist at all times.

Moreover, the rose depicted in the mosaic is not just a common flower randomly drawn. No, it’s the Yves Piaget Rose, a type of rose which won the Geneva International New Rose Competition back in 1982. Therefore, apart from the fact that this watch gets second place, we are awarding it a special mention for attention to detail and minutia.

1. The High Jewelry Cuff Piaget Watch

The High Jewelry Cuff Piaget Watch

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Brand: Piaget

Color: Gold

Features: Oval dial with lace cuff

Style: Oval opal dial with gold lace cuff studded with over 500 diamonds

Case: Gold

Watch Band: Gold and diamonds

If there ever was a watch fit for a queen, this is it. This is the watch that celebrates femininity in all its glory. It is, in fact, a solid 18k pink gold cuff in the middle of which you can see a watch. But that is where normality stops because this is what this piece of exquisiteness has to offer.

The watch itself has an opal dial, white in color and all natural. Brace yourself because the opal is set with gold encasings and 30 perfect marquise-shaped diamond. They all come to about 4.40 ct. The gold lace that envelops the watch and practically creates the whole of the cuff all around holds no less than 493 diamonds. They are all brilliant-cut, and they come to an approximate 14.18 ct. Impressed? So were we.

Final Statement

As a conclusion, although we have made a list of the best Piaget watches, we feel we have to crown as a winner the High Jewelry Cuff Piaget Watch. The sheer number of diamonds one can find on the cuff, as well as the intricate work on the golden lace of the bracelet truly impressed us. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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