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9 Best Winter Perfumes for Men in 2018

Winter weather necessitates a warm, enticing fragrance, and it’s always better to go bold than stick with a generic scent. Woody, vanilla, floral and oriental notes are the most common in winter colognes. Here are the best winter perfumes for men, ranked for how seasonal and memorable they are.

9. Carolina Herrera Prive Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Carolina Herrera Prive Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Carolina Herrera
Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, vanilla
Size: 3.4 oz
Bottle Design: Half transparent cylindrical bottle with black cap

Launched in 2015, this CH perfume for men has an exotic, oriental spicy scent, that is very stylish. The fragrance features first notes of grapefruit and bergamot that turn to whiskey/leather notes, and a slight hint of resin as the perfume dries out. Elegant and sophisticated, it is one of the best winter perfumes for men who like woody scents. It is more suited for evening wear, or to complement formal attires.

8. Tom Ford Noir Extreme Men Eau De Parfum Spray

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

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Brand: Tom Ford
Notes: Amber, vanilla, black plum, coriander, shoyeido incense, black fig, black truffle, patchouli, leather
Size: 3.4 oz
Bottle Design: Dark rectangular bottle with golden cap

This oriental, woody fragrance by Tom Ford features warm notes of amber and vanilla, that are perfect for cold weather. It is a classy winter cologne, suited for men who dare to be extraordinary. Strong and long lasting, the fragrance is one of the sexiest perfumes for men, projecting hints of cardamom, coriander and rose. Although this perfume is a true classic masterpiece that smells expensive, the price is affordable, making it a perfect gift for the special men in your life.

7. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Homme


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Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
Notes: Grapefruit, ginger, cardamom, bergamot, rose, sage, geranium, apple, cedar, vetiver, cashmere wood
Size: 3.3 oz
Bottle Design: Transparent cylindrical bottle with large hexagonal stopper

French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized style in the late 1960s when they introduced tuxedo jackets for women. YSL went on to revive classic silhouettes from the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s. They started producing fragrances in the ’90s.

L’Homme Ultime,”the ultimate man”, has a large array of interesting notes that wax and wane. On a crisp winter day, this masculine fragrance rests lightly on the skin.

It’s not as citrusy as YSL’s original L’Homme scent, nor as sweet as L’Homme Parfum Intense. Its versatility places it among the best winter perfumes for men.

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6. John Varvatos Dark Rebel Eau de Toilette

John Varvatos Dark Rebel


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Brand: John Varvatos
Notes: Rum, sugar cane, Artemisia, cardamom, clary sage, leather, fir resin, snowbell, pepper, tobacco leaf, vanilla, castoreum, Akigalawood, juniper
Size: 4.2 oz
Bottle Design: Oblong, glossy black bottle wrapped in black wire with brand logo on stopper

Menswear icon John Varvatos has long been captivated by rock stars. His ad campaigns have featured artists like Green Day, Alice Cooper, and Iggy Pop.

Dark Rebel continues this tradition, reproducing the dark, sexy fragrance of leather jackets and cigarettes. These edgy notes mingle with Cuban sugar cane and Mexican black vanilla to create one of the best winter perfumes for men.

Dark Rebel comes in a bottle large enough to last through the winter months. Men who dislike generic fragrances will appreciate the toughness of this modern cologne.

5. Prada L’Homme Eau De Toilette

Prada L'homme

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Brand: Prada
Notes: Patchouli, geranium, amber, iris, neroli, cedar, violet
Size: 3.4 oz
Bottle Design: Rectangular chrome-and-glass bottle with textured black panel and brand logo on both sides

Prada rose to prominence in the 1990s thanks to Miuccia Prada’s unpretentious take on luxury clothing. The L’Homme and L’Femme fragrances, released in 2016, are Prada’s first corresponding scents for men and women.

L’Homme Prada includes two signature Prada ingredients: amber and iris to make one of the best winter perfumes for men. This comfortable scent is a throwback to another era. Clean and floral yet undeniably masculine, its personality is hard to pin down.

L’Homme Prada is a refined fragrance ideal for a laid back man who doesn’t want to project a scent too strongly.

4. Armani Code Profumo Eau de Parfum

Armani Code

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Brand: Giorgio Armani

Notes: Green mandarin, green apple, cardamom, orange blossom, lavender, nutmeg, tonka bean, amber, leather
Size: 2 oz
Bottle Design: Contoured, cylindrical bottle with black-to-bronze gradient and bronze stopper

No list of the best winter perfumes for men would be complete without Armani. Giorgio Armani’s Code fragrances build on the strength of the tonka bean, the seed of the South American kumaru tree.

Men who take refuge from the cold in the club will appreciate Code Profumo’s fiery, seductive character.

3. Comme des Garçons Black Eau de Parfum

Comme des Garcons Black

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Brand: Comme des Garçons
Notes: Black pepper, incense, leather, licorice, black pepper, pepperwood, vetiver, birch tar, cedarwood
Size: 12.6 oz
Bottle Design: Cylindrical bottle with matte black label and stopper

Fans of Rei Kawakubo’s fashion label Comme des Garçons have learned to expect the unexpected. Black is no exception. It is an unconventional fragrance, drawing on incense from Somalia and black pepper from Madagascar.

Black is tailored to the winter months; it bottles the essence of a bonfire on a cold night. It’s not for the faint of heart, but men who wear this smoky, mysterious scent will certainly stand out among their peers.

2. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Men’s Eau de Parfum

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb

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Brand: Viktor & Rolf
Notes: lavender, caraway, tobacco, vanilla, black pepper
Size: 3.04 oz
Bottle Design: black grenade-shaped bottle encircled by copper ring with brand logo

Dutch designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren specialize in delivering avant-garde designs with theatrical flair. They started producing fragrances for men in the mid-2000s. Spicebomb Extreme, with its grenade-shaped packaging, exemplifies Viktor & Rolf’s trademark showmanship.

This fragrance is stronger and longer-lasting than the original Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau de Toilette. Its vanilla and tobacco notes stand out, giving it an impression of warmth and depth. Its balanced qualities–powerful but not harsh, cozy but mature–make it one of the best winter perfumes for men.

1. Tom Ford Vert D’Encens Eau de Parfum


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Brand: Tom Ford
Notes: incense, pine, boxwood, balsam fir, heliotrope, wood resin
Size: 50 mL
Bottle Design: rectangular dark brown bottle with T-shaped stopper and gold label

In 2016 Tom Ford developed a Private Blend line of fragrances called Les Extraits Vert (Green Extracts). There are four distinct unisex fragrances that each capture a different “green” note. Vert Bohème, for example, evokes the floral green of a secret garden, whereas Vert des Bois is the fresh green of a forest after a rainstorm.

Vert d’Encens is a rugged, piney green that suits the holiday season. At office Christmas parties and other winter commitments, Vert d’Encens provides a bold, festive aura–no elf suit required.

Final Statement

The best winter perfumes for men add a bright polish to the holiday season and provide a sensual spark of warmth in the cold. Tom Ford wins the season with the enticing Vert d’Encens fragrance, which manages to evoke fir trees and log cabins without smelling like a candle. What is your go-to winter fragrance for men?

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