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9 Best Winter Perfumes for Women in 2018

When the warmth of summer is gone, the scents that go along with that season should change too. Though some ladies have a dedicated fragrance that they wear all year, winter time calls for a change in aroma. Here are the best winter perfumes for women, ranking according to scent, perfect for those cold days and nights.

9. Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani


Brand: Giorgio Armani

Notes: Jasmine sambac, Cedar, Aquatic green accord, Labdanum, Peony, Mint leaves, Pink pepper, Brown sugar accord, Limone primo fiore

Size: 1.7 ounce

Bottle Design: Sleek bottle cut from transparent glass with a natural, water drop shape

This aquatic floral fragrance inspired by nature is perfect to remind ladies of happy sea days during the cold season. Clean and fresh, with top notes of mint and citrus, Aqua di Gioia was created to capture the vibe of the islands of Pantelleria and Antigua where Giorgio Armani spent several summer holidays.

The scent pairs well with free-spirited, nature-loving women, who crave the balance between body and soul. It is an energetic, modern fragrance suitable for casual wear.

8. The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss

The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss


Brand: Hugo Boss

Notes: Oriental flower Osmanthus, Peach, Freesia, Cacao notes

Size: 1.6 oz

Bottle Design: The bottle is cut from transparent glass with a crowned flat stopper

Flirty, hypnotic and sensual, The Scent for Her by Hugo Boss is a rich perfume for daytime time, perfect for cold days. Very feminine, it features top notes of peach and freesia, followed by the voluptuous heart notes of the oriental Osmanthus flower and an irresistible base note of Cocoa.

It is a modern fragrance, that exudes sophisticated sweetness. Many ladies state that this head-turning perfume was love at first sniff, and has become their signature scent.

7. J’adore by Christian Dior

j adore by dior


Brand: Christian Dior

Notes: African Orchid, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk, Champaca Flowers, Damascus Plum, Ivy, Mandarin, Rose and Violet

Size: 3.4 oz.

Bottle Design: Elongated Glass Bottle With Brass Spindle Necking

J’Adore is a sensual women’s fragrance that celebrates feminine power. The brilliant bouquet is for the confident woman. Of all the perfumes in Dior’s line, this one is the golden girl. The fragrance is very subtle but delicious. It’s never overpowering.

This perfume was first introduced back in 1999, and it has been met with rave reviews since that date. The creator, Calice Becker, was able to gather the noblest raw materials and pare it into a unique, lavish and harmonious floral spray. It is the best smelling perfume for women who like floral and musky scents. It is recommended for daytime wear, during the cold season.

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6. The One by Dolce & Gabbana

the one by dolce and gabbana


Brand: Dolce and Gabbana

Notes: Amber, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lychee, Muguet, Musk, Mandarin, Madonna Lilly, Peach, Plum, Vanilla, Vetiver

Size: 2.5 oz.

Bottle Design: The bottle is a tribute to perfume customs while being a faultless example of a style.

If you like a fragrance with a strong personality, then The One is for you. It was created with the ultimate diva in mind. It has a tempting, modern and glamorous scent. You will notice the sun-touched citrus and vibrant luminosity, all with the slight hint of a succulent peach smell.

This distinct and audacious signature explodes with femininity. When you are looking for the best winter perfumes for women, be advised that this one is not your typical girly scent. It smells of pure elegance and sophistication. It is the perfect blend for the modern and independent woman.

Created in 2006 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, this perfume was the crowning glory of that bridal campaign.

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5. L’Instant by Guerlain

l instant by guerlain

Price not available

Brand: Guerlain

Notes: Amber, Citrus Honey, Magnolia Inclusion

Size: 2.7 oz.

Bottle Design: The bottle is cut from transparent glass. It has a crowned flat stopper that is engraved with the Guerlain logo. It has a contrast between curves and a rectangle.

When you smell L’Instant, you will be taken back to your first kiss and the moment you fell in love. It is a magical scent that is soft and sexy. It has an interwoven synchronization that is classical. Light and airy, it is perfect to add to a cashmere sweater or evening gown.

Reviews show that it is one of the classiest fragrances some women have ever worn. The various scents blend melodiously to create a mesmerizing scent. The fragrance made its debut in 1994, but the parent company has been around since 1750.

4. Tendre by Prada

tendre by prada

Price not available

Brand: Prada

Notes: Siamese Benzoin, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedar, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Indonesian Patchouli, Plus, Samba and Vetiver

Size: 1.7 oz.

Bottle Design: The bottle is small and rectangular, and it has an off-center lid.

This fragrance is reminiscent of Prada’s signature aroma. One of the best smelling perfumes for women, it includes iconic ingredients that give a luminescent and hypnotic scent. It is classic and pure, and one of the best winter perfumes for women of all time.

It has things like Indonesian patchouli leaves and Siamese Benzoin that give it a unique smell in a league of its own. The perfume is the 2006 creation of Carlos Benaim and Clement Gavarry.

3. Addict by Christian Dior

addict by christian dior


Brand: Christian Dior

Notes: Bourbon Vanilla, Night Queen Flower, Tonka Beans, Silk Tree Flower, Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Mandarin Leaf, Bulgarian Rose

Size: 3.4 oz.

Bottle Design: The bottle is blue, long and slender. It has a crown type cap.

This iconic Christian Dior fragrance for ladies indulges the senses with smells for the boldly passionate woman. The Tonka bean and bourbon vanilla combinations are out of this world. It has a fruity yet sweet smell that makes it winter fun and happiness in a bottle.

This scent makes an immediate statement. Created by François Demachy in 2003, this perfume is for the young and sexy women who wants their scent to last all day long.

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2. Envy Me by Gucci

envy me by gucci


Brand: Gucci

Notes: Sweet Litchi, Pomegranate, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Peony, Pineapple, Musk, White Tea,

Size: 3.4 oz.

Bottle: The bottle is tall and slender with a pink, flower checkerboard on it.

Introduced in 2004, Envy Me is a perfume for the woman that demands attention. It’s daring, sexy and arresting. Though it is bold, it isn’t offensive or intrusive. The pineapple adds a nice surprise, specifically with the lychee in the background.

This floral and fruity collection is one of the best winter perfumes for women. This sensual winter scent will make any woman an object of desire.

1. Very Irresistible by Givenchy

very irresistible by givenchy


Brand: Givenchy

Notes: Jasmine sambac, Labdanum, Aquatic green accord, Cedar, Peony, Brown sugar, Pink pepper, Limone primo fiore, Mint leaves

Size: 2.5 oz.

Bottle Design: The bottle is slim and pink with dark accents reminiscent of a woman’s curvaceous figure and silver rose prints.

As one of the best winter perfumes for women, Givenchy’s Very Irresistible makes the top of the list. Think back to the old cinema days when fashion was everything. This scent takes the elegance of French style and blends it with pop-culture.

The aquatic green and jasmine combination is out of this world. Though most women try to avoid smelling like jasmine, this aroma screams femininity. Blending more than seven different scents together gives it a whole different spin.

The original perfume was created with Audrey Hepburn in mind, but this version improves upon the original scent. It was to symbolize the friendship between her and Hubert de Givenchy.

Final Statement

When considering the best winter perfumes for women, you want something that lets the inner goddess out. Some will want a flashy and noticeable fragrance while others tend to want something that blends harmoniously into the background. This list will help you get ready for the changing seasons and to make sure that you feel confident and beautiful no matter how dreary it is outside. Which one do you consider to be the best smelling perfume for women? Share your preferences with us by leaving us a comment below!

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