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20 Hot Bralette Outfit Ideas to Try This Spring

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Bralette outfits are always good to have on hand when springtime comes around. They are a great asset to any wardrobe and can be layered or paired with so many things! Whether you want a bralette to simply act as a bra under a lightweight sweater, or if you want it to be the center of your outfit, you will always be able to find a fun way to incorporate a bralette into your day or night time outfit.

Product FAQ

1. What Is a Bralette?

2. What Does a Bralette Do?

Overall Price Range of Bralettes

Bralettes can be found for as little as 50 cents to as much as a couple of hundred dollars. You should keep a couple more affordable bralettes in your wardrobe for everyday use, but don't be afraid to splurge on one or two fancier ones to wear for big occasions.

Bralette Outfits We Reviewed

  • Under a Mesh Tee
  • Pair It with Kimono
  • Complete Your Printed Shorts
  • With Overalls
  • Under a Cashmere Sweater
  • With High Waisted Jeans
  • Under a Sheer White Shirt
  • Pair It with a Jacket
  • Try It On with an Open Tank
  • Wear with a Blazer
  • With Shoulder Dresses
  • Under a Sheer Crop Top
  • With a Pencil Skirt
  • Wear with Backless Dresses Or Tops
  • Pair It with a Maxi Skirt
  • Wear it as a Bikini Top
  • Under Suspenders Or Jumpsuits
  • With Checkered Trousers or Shorts
  • With Long Or Side Slit Skirts
  • With a Sporty Jacket

1. Under a Mesh Tee

person wearing under a Mesh Tee

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Mesh tees have become all the rage, but they do pose one large issue - they are see-through! Wearing a bralette underneath of a mesh shirt is a fun way to still show off the detail of a mesh shirt without being too revealing. You can use a bralette to accent the outfit by choosing a contrasting fabric or color. Going neutral is always a great idea as well and keeps the mesh top looking classy but still fun.

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2. Pair It with Kimono

Pairing a kimono over a bralette is a great way to transition into spring fashion. High waisted jeans with a bralette allow you to look like you are just wearing a cropped cami. Simply throw a kimono overtop for a more put together looks the best part is if you get hot, you can wrap your kimono around your waist and still have one of the cutest bralette outfits to show off.

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3. Complete Your Printed Shorts

When it begins to get warm out, you are tempted to wear as little clothing as possible in celebration of the new weather and just because you are simply getting used to the change. A cute way to wear minimal clothing is to pair a bralette with patterned shorts.

A bralette, if it is a midi bralette that covers half of your stomach can easily pass as a tank top. You just have to pair high waisted patterned shorts with it, and you have one of the most stylish spring bralette outfits.

4. With Overalls

woman sitting on top of wooden bench near people and beach

Image by via Unsplash

Wearing a bralette under overalls is one of the cutest ways to style a bralette for spring. Depending on what overalls and bralette you choose, you can go extremely casual or a bit fancier.

For example, if you simply pair denim overalls with a cotton bralette, you can conquer a day of work and errands. If you want to wear a bralette and overall outfit to dinner or out to a more formal event, try a different fabric overall such as polyester and a lace bralette, and you are ready to take on the town.

5. Under a Cashmere Sweater

Putting a bralette under a cashmere sweater is a really classy way to style a bralette. Unless the cashmere is really thin, you probably won’t see the bralette underneath. The showstopper when it comes to wearing a bralette under cashmere is the small detailed halter strap that shows through at the top around your neck. It adds a hint of mystery while still looking extremely classy.

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6. With High Waisted Jeans

Wearing high waisted jeans and a bralette is one of the easiest yet cutest bralette outfits. Since bralettes typically fit like a normal bra would, you usually don't want to wear low waisted jeans because your stomach would be completely out.

Unless you are at the beach, you usually want to keep some of your midriff private. Wearing high waisted jeans is a perfect way to hide your stomach a little but still keeping the idea of the outfit alive. The best part is that virtually any bralette looks good with high waisted jeans.

7. Under a Sheer White Shirt

silhouette of woman holding her hat

Image by Julia Caesar via Unsplash

Wearing a bralette under a sheer white shirt is an easy way to create a little more dimension to an otherwise boring top. The best part about bralette outfits is that they are really easy to wear with little to no planning. By putting a cute colored bralette under a white shirt, you are automatically amping up your outfit a little, and it takes no work.

8. Pair It with a Jacket

Springtime is the best time to pull out all of your favorite pastel colored jackets. However, you are usually posed with the issue of being too hot. A great way to combat this issue is by pairing something cool and breezy underneath like a cute bralette. Keep your jacket zipped or buttoned up half way for a modest look or go all out and show off your bralette by keeping your jacket open.

9. Try It On with an Open Tank

Just because you are wearing a tank already doesn't mean you can't layer it with a bralette. In fact, this is one of the most simple bralette outfits that takes an ordinary tank and adds some flare.

Instead of wearing a normal bra with a tank top where you will be able to see the double straps, turn your bra into part of the look by layering a cute lace halter neck bralette underneath your tank.

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10. Wear with a Blazer

Suits on display at a clothing store.

Image by Fancycrave via Unsplash

Business in the back, a party in the front. You can class things up for a night out by wearing a bralette with a cute blazer over the top. For this outfit, you probably don't want to grab your everyday work blazer. Have fun with this outfit and choose a blazer that is bedazzled or made out of a fun fabric.

11. With Shoulder Dresses

Off-the-shoulder style dresses have become extremely popular over the past year because of their flattering shape. However, if you have larger breasts or just don't like the idea of not having a supportive bra up around your shoulders, the idea of an off the shoulder dress may not seem great to you.

An awesome way to combat the issue is to wear a cute bralette that matches the dress. It does not look like bra straps, but essentially is acting like a bra making off the shoulder dresses comfortable to wear.

12. Under a Sheer Crop Top

Sheer crop tops are always a cute option when the weather gets warmer. Pairing one with high-waisted shorts, jeans, or a skirt is always a fashionable choice.

The only downside to sheer crop tops is that they are see-through. This causes a predicament when it comes to what you should wear underneath.

The Kardashian's are notorious for going bare underneath, but for most of us, that just won't fly. Layering a bralette underneath that blends in with your skin tone is a fun way to wear a chic outfit and trick people passing by.

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13. With a Pencil Skirt

woman sitting at the bay while moving her feet forward and backward

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Pencil skirts are not only meant to be paired with a blouse or blazer for your nine to five. They can be transitioned into a sexy component to your night out. Who doesn't love a piece you can wear to work and out on the town? Contrast a conservative pencil skirt by pairing it with a fun matching bralette for a flirty outfit to go out in.

14. Wear with Backless Dresses Or Tops

Everyone loves backless dresses and tops because the hint of seductiveness they give without letting all of your assets pop out. However, the number one problem all women face with these pieces is figuring out what bra to wear. Adhesive bras are always an option, but let's face it, they fall off when you sweat, and they never seem to fit right.

Adding a bralette to your backless dress or top is the perfect solution to this problem without looking like you are wearing a "normal" bra. Backless dresses and tops give you the perfect opportunity to rock one of your cutest bralette outfits!

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15. Pair It with a Maxi Skirt

When you are planning out your warmer outfits, it is likely you will lean toward maxi skirt. Maxi skirts have such a summer and beachy vibe. They are fun to wear and extremely versatile, giving you the option to dress them up with wedges or keep it casual with sandals.

The only downside about maxi skirts is that they are a little warm, especially during really hot spring days. By the time you pair a top with it, you are often too hot to wear it. An easy solution to this problem is simply pairing a bralette with it. Pairing a bralette with a maxi skirt creates a full look that will not leave your burning up.

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16. Wear it as a Bikini Top

woman wearing red bikini posing near a rock

Image by Stas Svechnikov via Unsplash

During the warm weather, you can pretty much pass wearing anything. One of the best beach or pool day tricks, if you don't plan on swimming, is just wearing a cute bralette with shorts.

Bralettes tend to be more comfortable than bathing suits anyway so go for comfort while you are squelching in the heat. Some bralettes are even made of a material that is suitable for getting wet. So, if you change your mind and decide to take a dip, you can just jump in.

17. Under Suspenders Or Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and suspenders are such fun pieces to wear. However, many of them cut too low in the front, in the back, or around the armpits making them hard to wear without something else underneath.

If you choose to wear a jumpsuit or suspenders in the warm weather, odds are they will wear the long pants instead of shorts. You don't want to put a shirt underneath because it gets too hot. Putting a bralette underneath is the perfect solution to keep you cool and clear of any wardrobe malfunctions.

18. With Checkered Trousers or Shorts

If you are a fan of Bella Thorne or any of the Kardashian girls, you would have definitely seen them rock this look. Checkers are an extremely popular pattern at the moment, and they look great with black, metallic, or really any colored bralette! If you find a cute pair of checkered trousers or checkered shorts, you should absolutely pair a bralette with it to create one of the cutest and on-trend bralette outfits.

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19. With Long Or Side Slit Skirts

Long and side slit skirts are a wardrobe staple when it comes to springtime fashion. One of the best bralette outfits to combat the heat of wearing a longer skirt is pairing a cute matching bralette.


It will keep you cool up top, so you do not burn up. If you are worried about getting chilly at night, bring a jacket and combine an open jacket bralette outfit with a long or side slit skirt bralette outfit.

20. With a Sporty Jacket

two men and one woman walking beside buildings

Image by Stage 7 Photography via Unsplash

Athleisure is the preferred look for most women on their days off. Just because you are wearing athletic clothes doesn't mean you have to look drab. Spice up your sporty look by pairing a sporty bralette or a cute sports bra with it. You will be comfortable yet stylish all day long.

The Verdict

woman in the beach

Image source: Pexels

When it comes to spring-time, bralettes should be in every women's wardrobe. Find a couple of neutral bralettes that you can wear with anything as well as some fun ones that will turn any basic outfit into a show-stopping outfit. The best thing about bralettes is that you can pair them with virtually anything, as you can see from our list above. What is your spring-time bralette outfit going to be?

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