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The Prettiest Colors Of Chanel Nail Polish Of All Time

Chanel nail polish is the epitome of high-fashion nail color and nail care. With so many dynamic colors to choose from, it's difficult to settle on a single shade. Different polish colors convey different attitudes. One thing is for sure: There is a Chanel nail polish appropriate for your casual, business, and elegant gatherings.

The benefits of wearing Chanel nail polish are many. Chanel prides itself on a long-lasting nail color formula, steeped in bioceramics and ceramides, that works to repair and sustain nail health while you are wearing the product. What could be better than that?

Comparison Table




Camelia By Chanel


Le Vernis Longwear # 528 Rouge Puissant

Rouge Puissant

Le Vernis Longwear #546 Rouge Red

Rouge Red

Camelia By Chanel


Le Vernis Ballerina by Chanel


Le Vernis Longwear # 628 Prune Dramatique

Prune Dramatique

#917 Opulence By Chanel


Le Vernis Longwear # 590 Verde Pastello By Chanel

Verde Pastello

# 516 Mariniere by Chanel


Le Vernis Longwear # 18 Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir

Le Vernis Longwear # 512 Mythique


A Brief History of Chanel

Before we get started on the in's and out's of the prettiest Chanel nail polish ever made, let's first delve into the interesting history of Chanel. The female founder of Chanel, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, was born in the late 1800s. She was orphaned at a young age and grew up in a convent in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, a small town southwest of Paris, France. Growing up in the convent, Coco learned to sew. The trade she learned in childhood has ultimately turned into an enterprise worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Most famously, Chanel is responsible for the wave of fitted skirt suits, little black dresses, black leather bags, and forever-relevant fragrances that the company has injected into the mainstream fashion landscape. Although these trends took hold many decades ago, they all have special importance in modern times. As an iconic brand, Chanel symbolizes and represents the strong, capable, and feminine modern woman. This modernity has remained steadfast for more than 100 years.

What Is Chanel Best Known For?

Chanel designs and products are known for highlighting the beauty of the busy, stylish modern woman and acknowledging her needs. Because Chanel was established by an ambitious woman, Coco Chanel, its designs have always catered to the active woman. Chanel deserves credit even for simple, practical accommodations such as pockets on women's garments, often previously overlooked before this company hit the fashion scene.


Indulging In Our Self-Worth

As women, we sometimes forget that one of the best investments we can make is in ourselves. Chanel often reminds us that how we look and feel is just as important as anything else in our lives. Wearing the prettiest Chanel nail polish or lacquer is a daily reminder of our own worth, power, and value to society and the world.

Here we will review everything you need to know about Chanel nail polish and why it should be the top pick for your shopping basket. We paid special attention to ten popular shades to help you get started in style.


Product FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions and answers we hear from Chanel nail polish newbies.

1. What Is Chanel Nail Polish?

Chanel nail polish is designer nail polish from the design house founded by Coco Chanel, an industry pioneer credited with bringing femininity, intelligence, and elegance to the forefront of women’s fashion. Chanel nail polish embodies these remarkable qualities.

2. What Makes Chanel Nail Polish Special?

Chanel nail polish comes from the world-renowned French fashion trailblazers known for trendsetting with their timeless creations. Chanel nail polish is special because it is specially formulated to strengthen and replenish nails. Wearing Chanel on nails is a classic yet always fashion-forward move.


3. How Do I Apply Chanel Nail Polish?

Like most polishes, Chanel nail polish comes in a bottle with a brush attachment. Chanel recommends using both a base coat and a top coat of their polishes to increase the benefits of the product. Either way, the polish is applied by painting it onto fingernails with the provided brush. Apply two even coats of polish and allow your nails to dry.


4. Where Can You Buy Chanel Nail Polish?

Chanel nail polish is sold at fine cosmetics counters and from online retailers of designer cosmetic goods. Colors in the current collection are always available on Chanel’s website. Nordstrom is another Chanel nail lacquer retailer. Discontinued or obscure colors are often found on sites like Amazon.


5. Which Celebrities Wear Chanel?

The Parisian brand Chanel was founded in 1910 and it hasn’t stopped producing simultaneously eye-catching and ageless couture in the century-plus since. Some of the most notable celebrities known to have proudly worn Chanel include:

  • Coco Chanel
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Beyonce Knowles
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Catherine Deneuve
  • Cara Delevingne
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Linda Evangelista
  • Emma Stone
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Willow Smith
nail polish

How We Reviewed

Our top choices for Chanel nail polish colors are based on versatility, remarkable color vibrancy, ease of use, price, availability, and the lasting effects of the particular Chanel nail polish. These elements, considered together, help define which is the best of all the prettiest nail polish offerings by Chanel.


Overall Price Range of Nail Polish by Chanel

Chanel nail polish is a high-quality designer product that will typically hover around the $30-per-bottle price range. When a Chanel nail polish is discontinued from the product line, that product's value increases on the open market. Discontinued Chanel polish colors can cost $70 or more per bottle... if you can locate a bottle.


What We Reviewed

  • Camelia by Chanel
  • Le Vernis Longwear # 528 Rouge Puissant
  • Le Vernis Longwear #546 Rouge Red
  • Le Vernis Ballerina by Chanel
  • Le Vernis Longwear # 628 Prune Dramatique
  • #917 Opulence by Chanel
  • Le Vernis Longwear # 590 Verde Pastello
  • # 516 Mariniere by Chanel
  • Le Vernis Longwear # 18 Rouge Noir
  • Le Vernis Longwear # 512 Mythique

1. Camelia by Chanel

Color, Style & Impact

Camelia is Chanel’s classic, cool-toned, creamy, dark pink polish with a glistening sheen.

Bioceramics and ceramides infused within the blend help keep nails strong and healthy.


  • Bold and dramatic; a genuine statement color
  • Maximum shine
  • Minimal cuticle pooling


  • Application brush could use improvement
  • Requires top coat for long-lasting benefits
  • Consistency of this polish is thin

A bottle of Chanel’s Camelia long-lasting nail lacquer costs around more than average price from a variety of cosmetics retailers.

Best for:

Chanel nail polish La Vernis in the color Camelia is best worn with neutral, casual-chic ensembles for a fun color pop.

2. Le Vernis Longwear # 528 Rouge Puissant

Color, Style & Impact

Le VernisLongwear # 528 Rouge Puissant is a sizzling, true, and deep red with blue undertones.

Bioceramics and ceramides in the polish strengthen nails each time you apply a coat.


  • Classic deep red hue
  • Velvety sheen
  • High-gloss finish


  • Limited availability (as Chanel has discontinued #528 Rouge Puissant)
  • Higher price than other Chanel nail polishes
  • Application brush is too wide for some

Chanel nail polish # 528 Rouge Puissant is currently available for around  a bit higher price on Amazon.

Best for:

Rouge Puissant (which translates to Powerful Red in English) delivers a sophisticated display of femme fatale energy. This color is suitable for any situation in which you want your inner lioness to shine forth.

3. Le Vernis Longwear #546 Rouge Red

Color, Style & Impact

#546 Rouge Red is the Chanel polish that dials up a traditional rosy red into a vivacious splash of pizzazz.

The formula is strengthening and long-lasting.


  • Unique, vibrant, red color
  • Strengthening formula
  • No-spill bottle


  • Product rarity
  • Potential aging issues if you purchase a discontinued product
  • Price variability

Chanel’s Rose Exuberant isn’t currently being manufactured, making it something of a collector’s item. We found a few bottles starting around more than average price.

Best for:

Rose Exuberant is the go-to polish for times when you want to connect with that grown-up girly girl inside you. The deeper pink tone is the perfect color accent for darker, more neutral tones you may wear.

4. Le Vernis Ballerina

Color, Style & Impact

So sweet and so chic, Chanel Le Vernis Ballerina is the perfect blend of subdued neutral pink and creamy, cloud-like mystique.


  • Classic, tinted, neutral pink color
  • Conservative in a queenly way and always ready-to-wear
  • Color disguises chips and scratches


  • Not as opaque as other colors
  • Thin polish texture makes application tricky

A bottle of Ballerina from Chanel’s Le Vernis nail polish line costs around average price.

Best for:

Ballerina polish is an all-occasion tint that pairs well with a variety of style options. It exudes well-to-do and put-together vibes.

5. Le Vernis Longwear # 628 Prune Dramatique

Color, Style & Impact

Chanel # 514 Roubachka is a dark and sultry plum color that screams luxury and grandeur.

Chanel’s signature fortifying blend keeps nails healthy and strong with each application.


  • A powerful shade of purple
  • Very shiny


  • Price is premium for this out-of-production shade
  • Temporarily stains nails after removal

At the time we created this review, Chanel # 628 Prune Dramatique is available on site for an average price.

Best for:

Chanel nail polish shade # 628 Prune Dramatique is classy and sophisticated. It pairs well with either casual or professional attire.

6. #917 Opulence by Chanel

Color, Style & Impact

Chanel’s # 917 Opulence is an appropriately bronzed-goddess metallic shade glittering with shininess and able to deliver a fierce impact.


  • Even blending of metallic and opaque effects
  • Excellent nail coverage


  • Prone to chipping without a top coat
  • Can clash with gold and silver jewelry

Opulence # 917 is priced at around average price.

Best for:

Opulence # 917 is best for upscale occasions. You can pair it with any deeply saturated solid-colored outfit and be a sensation.

7. Le Vernis Longwear # 590 Verde Pastello

Color, Style & Impact

The dazzling # 590 Verde Pastello is reminiscent of light green catching sunlight from within the sea.

The light green color dynamically glimmers when it catches the light.


  • Extraordinary color tone
  • Glossy, full-coverage polish


  • Less versatile than other colors
  • Shows chipping more easily

Emeraude was priced around an average price.

Best for:

Wearing # 590 Verde Pastello by Chanel with neutral colors adds a new dimension your favorite outfit.

8. # 516 Mariniere by Chanel

Color, Style & Impact

Mariniere is essentially Chanel’s "song of the night sea" with its opaque and permeating navy blue pigments.


  • A seductive shade of navy blue
  • Formula goes on smoothly
  • Radiates when catching light


  • Somewhat difficult to remove from nails
  • Needs a top coat
  • High price

We found that a bottle of Chanel Mariniere polish can be purchased for around an average price.

Best for:

Mariniere pairs well with dark and alluring evening wear.

9. Le Vernis Longwear # 18 Rouge Noir

Color, Style & Impact

Androgyne is a smooth, neutral, dark taupe hue enriched with bioceramics and ceramides for healthy and strong nails.


  • A bold and neutral color
  • Suitable for many occasions
  • Even nail coatings


  • Not as widely available as other colors
  • Somewhat more difficult to apply

Rouge Noir is available for an affordable price.

Best for:

Chanel nail polish # 18 Rouge Noir is perfect for an active lifestyle because it pairs well with a variety of styles and may be worn to many types of events. Try wearing it to lounge, work, or enjoy a cocktail party!

10. Le Vernis Longwear # 512 Mythique

Color, Style & Impact

Chanel nail polish # 512 Mythique is a sensual, violet-hued, burgundy enchantment blast.  it’s a long-lasting formula that benefits nails.


  • Rich color with a ton of dimension
  • Iconic shade and look


  • Price is higher than other Chanel colors
  • Can leave staining on the nail beds

We were able to purchase Mythique polish for around an affordable price online.

Best for:

The myth that there is no perfect red polish color is blasted away by Chanel’s # 570 Mythique. This color works well with saturated dark and neutral colors. It is suitable for work, play, and special occasions.

The Verdict

Chanel nail polish comes with the guarantees of style, class, and luxury that the Chanel fashion house has built its reputation around. With the plethora of color choices to choose from, anyone can find a Chanel nail polish color to suit any mood, event, style, or occasion.

Overall, we selected Chanel # 570 Mythique as our top choice because it’s a subtle yet impactful and iconic color that always goes well with anything we wear, wherever we choose to go.

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