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8 Best Cufflinks For Men

Men have very few jewelry options for formal or semi-formal occasions. Cufflinks for men are one of the few ornaments that are for the quintessential “male” to wear. They serve a dual purpose: as classy ornamental jewelry, and as functional buttons that hold the cuffs of your shirtsleeves together.

Cufflinks for men are an important part of a modern male fashion ensemble. They may be small, but when you wear one, people will still notice them. And they make fabulous gifts as well. This review will look at luxury cufflinks for men found online.

8. RC Fine Jewelry White Conch & Oval Cut Diamond Bezel Cufflinks

RC Fine Jewelry White Conch & Oval Cut Diamond Bezel Cufflinks

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Brand: RC Fine Jewelry

Color: White

Material: White Gold, Diamonds, Conch

Features: TwoConch gemstones cut in oval shape, 24 diamonds each with 0.31 CTW

Style: Whale Back Cufflinks

This is a stylish pair of all-white cufflinks. The material is 14K white gold with numerous gemstones on the bezel. There are two large polished gemstones made of conch on each cufflink, surrounded by many smaller diamonds. The manufacturer assures that the diamonds are all conflict-free.

7. John Hardy Sterling Silver Green Garnet Cufflinks

John hardy sterling silver green garnet cufflinks

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Brand: John Hardy

Color: White and Green

Material: Sterling Silver, Tsavorite Garnet

Features: A Tsavorite Green Garnet as the main gemstone, surrounded by Black Sapphire stones

Style: Whale Back Cufflinks

If you like a splash of sparkling green on your cuffs, the combination of garnet and sapphires offer great effect. The sterling silver is of .925 quality, and offer a great contrast with the green of the stones. These cufflinks for men have a classic chain engraving on the sides of the bezel.

6. L&M Gold Diamond Buckle Cufflinks

L&M Gold Diamond Buckle Cufflinks

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Brand: L&M

Color: Gold and White

Material: Gold, Diamonds

Features: Buckle shape, with Diamonds inlaid as band on the edge

Style: Buckle Cufflinks

These are for men who like a dash of gold and diamonds with their tuxedos. The main metal is 14K yellow gold. There are 12 diamonds on each of the cufflinks, with a total weight of 0.24 CTW. The cufflinks are made in the USA. If you don’t like the color of gold, there is also a more subdued and elegant white gold version as well.

5. L&M Gold Eagle Coin Cufflinks

L&M Gold Eagle Coin Cufflinks

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Brand: L&M

Color: Gold

Material: Gold

Features: US Mint Gold Eagle Coin on the bezel

Style: Spring Cufflinks

These 14K gold cufflinks have an American Eagle gold coin as the bezel. The face shown is that of Lady Liberty holding a torch and an olive branch, in front of the Capitol Hill. This is an ideal cufflink to display your patriotism and love for your country. Made in the USA, these cufflinks also come with a leatherette gift box.

4. L&M White Gold And Onyx Octagon Cufflinks

L&M White Gold And Onyx Octagon Cufflinks

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Brand: L&M

Color: White and Black

Material: White Gold, Onyx, Diamonds

Features: An octagon shaped bezel with a round black Onyx stone in the center, surrounded by diamonds

Style: Spring Cufflinks

Shiny white and glistening black offer an alluring contrast in these very masculine looking cufflinks for men from L&M. There are numerous diamonds set around the black onyx, totaling 0.48 carats. The diamonds are also round shaped. The white gold in the cufflinks is 14K rated.

3. Montblanc White Gold Chalcedony Cufflinks

Montblanc White Gold Chalcedony Cufflinks

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Brand: Montblanc

Color: White and Light Blue

Material: White Gold, Blue Chalcedony

Features: A round bezel, filled with a round blue Chalcedony stone with many faceted cuts.

Style: Ball Return Cufflinks

The pale blue Chalcedony stone is undoubtly the star of these cufflinks for men. The round stones fill the bezel and have intricately cut faces. The metal used in these cufflinks is a higher quality, 18K solid white gold. This fine piece of jewelry was crafted in France.

2. Roy Rose Yellow Gold Logo Art Cufflinks

Roy Rose Yellow Gold Logo Art Cufflinks

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Brand: Roy Rose

Color: Yellow Gold

Material: Gold

Features: Bezel with the option for Officially Licensed Logos, made to order.

Style: Stud Cufflinks

If you want a pair of cufflinks that display something close to your heart, this is the brand for you. With Roy Rose cufflinks, you can choose the bezel design. They have a wide selection of laser cut logos including major university crests and sports team logos, all officially licensed. So if you want your cufflinks to show your allegiance to your Alma Mater or your favorite team, this is what you need.

1. Tateossian Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Globe Cufflinks

Tateossian Rose Gold & Sterling Silver Globe Cufflinks

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Brand: Tateossian

Color: Rose gold, Silver

Material: Rose Gold, Sterling Silver

Features: Hand crafted, exclusive pieces with an intricately carved globe in axxis at the bezel.

Style: Stud Cufflinks

If you want one of the best exclusive mens cufflinks online, look no further than Tateossian. These cufflinks are handmade by the designer himself in London. They are part of a limited edition collection, of which only 100 pieces exist. The 18K solid Rose Gold and Rhodium plated sterling silver item has a beautifully carved globe as the centerpiece.Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The highlighted items include 14K and 18K gold, and silver jewelry. Many are inlaid with precious stones, and have intricately carved designs. If you know any other great cufflinks for men, please let us know, along with your opinions, in the comments section below.

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