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8 Luxury Perfumes for Women in 2018

The scent of a luxury perfume on a woman’s skin conveys her sense of style and her personality. Women’s luxury perfumes add a polished finishing touch to any woman’s look, regardless of her age. Most of these fragrances can cost upwards of $120. Important features to look for when choosing a high-end perfume include the price to quality ratio: for example, while a Chanel perfume might be $140, you know that the scent will be rich, full-bodied, and have lasting staying power.

Here are the 8 best luxury perfumes for women, in order of quality and scent, offering an overview of each product, including its features.

8. Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde

Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde

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Brand: Christian Louboutin
Notes: rhubarb, violet leaves, Bulgarian rose, cedarwood, patchouli
Size: 2.7 oz
Bottle Design: gold and gray-capped bottle with a solid red base, comes in a logo-bearing clear case.

Tornade Blonde is meant to capture an adventurous yet feminine spirit. Christian Louboutin is most well-known for designer footwear but recently embraced perfume. He has created three fragrances including Tornade Blonde: Trouble in Heaven and Bikini Questa Sera.

Tornade Blonde is not often on sale, but because the fragrance is so expensive, shipping is included in the price. It gets very high ratings in comparison to other perfumes in its price category.

7. Tom Ford Vert D’Encens Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Vert D'Encens Eau De Parfum

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Brand: Tom Ford
Notes: incense, pine resin, and fir balsam
Size: 1.7 oz
Bottle Design: rectangular brown bottle with trademark logo

Vert D’Encens Eau De Parfum is meant to capture the wild essence of the Corsican Coast, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Tom Ford is both a designer and movie director. He has so far directed two feature films, A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals, both of which were met with critical acclaim.

Vert D’Encens Eau De Parfum is occasionally on sale at high-end beauty stores. The fragrance gets very good reviews among others in its price range.

6. Chanel No. 5 Parfum

Chanel No. 5 Parfum

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Brand: Chanel
Notes: ylang-ylang, may rose, sandalwood
Size: 1.7 oz
Bottle Design: iconic square bottle design with trademark logo

Chanel No. 5 has been an icon since it was first launched in 1921. The composition of the fragrance is only occasionally updated in order to preserve the signature scent of the original perfume.

Chanel No. 5 is occasionally on sale as part of other promotions. Chanel No. 5 is considered the gold standard among women’s luxury perfumes.

5. Hermès Un Jardin Sur le Nil

Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nil

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Brand: Hermès
Notes: green mango, lotus, calamus, and sycamore wood
Size: 3.3 oz
Bottle Design: rectangular gold-capped bottle with dark green logo

Hermès is a whimsical brand whose renown lies in its famous scarves, handbags, and accessories. Un Jardin Sur le Nil is one of the several fragrances at Hermès that follow an annual theme – in this case, gardens. The fragrance is meant to capture the essence of a stroll in a garden along the Nile River.

The fragrance is an online exclusive that is rarely on sale. It is only available through select retailers and the producer site itself, but shipping and returns are free. Hermès perfumes get good reviews for being light, fresh scents.

4. Prada Infusion D’Iris By Prada For Women

Prada Infusion D'Iris By Prada For Women

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Brand: Prada
Notes: iris from Florence, orange blossom, Madagascar vanilla, white musk
Size: 6.75 oz
Bottle Design: simple rectangular bottle with silver trademark logo and green cap

Prada originally deals in leather goods, but the brand continuously expands its offerings to include clothing and accessories. The fragrances from Prada capture the bold, daring feminine style with a hint of excess. Prada Infusion D’Iris is a light interpretation of the iris flower, a good luxury perfume choice for spring.

Prada fragrances are only occasionally on sale, but do qualify for free shipping. Among other fragrances in this price range, this Prada luxury perfume gets good reviews for capturing unique scent combinations, and being modern and feminine.

3. Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume Eau de Parfum Spray

Juliette Has A Gun Eau de Parfum Not A Perfume

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Brand: Juliette Has A Gun
Notes: cetalox, which is commonly a base note in other fragrances
Size: 3.3 oz
Bottle Design: white bottle with silver scrolling and trademark logo

The Not A Perfume fragrance is designed to be hypoallergenic and accessible even to women who don’t normally wear perfume. Juliette Has a Gun is a newer fragrance line by Romano Ricci that uses the heroine from Romeo and Juliet as a muse.

Not a Perfume qualifies for free shipping and is occasionally on sale as part of other brand promotions, such as fragrance gift sets. It routinely gets a 5 out of 5-star rating.

2. Chanel CHANCE Eau De Parfum

Chanel CHANCE Eau De Parfum

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Brand: Chanel
Notes: absolute of vanilla, absolute of exotic jasmine, iris, white musk
Size: 3.4 oz
Bottle Design: round bottle with gold lettering for the fragrance name and black for the brand name

CHANCE was created by Jacques Polge to be a young, feminine scent that conveys a sense of adventure while remaining true to Chanel’s heritage. This luxury perfume launched in 2002. There are now three CHANCE scents in that fragrance line. CHANCE is a long-lasting fragrance that slowly unfolds each note over the course of the day.

All of the Chanel fragrances get outstanding ratings for their quality and complexity. CHANCE qualifies for free shipping from many beauty retailers.

1. Burberry Body Eau De Parfum for Women

Burberry Body

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Brand: Burberry
Notes: vanilla, peach, rose, sandalwood, musk
Size: 2.0 oz
Bottle Design: slim cylindrical bottle with cap in iconic Burberry pattern

Burberry luxury perfumes are a continuation of the brand’s luxurious and feminine women’s trench coats, bags, and scarves: to be both seductive and elegant. Burberry Body is one of several Burberry fragrances for women that include My Burberry and Burberry Brit. Along with My Burberry, Body is one of the brand’s lightest scents for women. All Burberry fragrances are regularly on sale as part of promotions and gift sets. Burberry Body gets some of the highest ratings among others in its price category.

Final Statement

Every woman is unique, and as a result, the hunt for the perfect luxury perfume can be challenging. From the husky notes of Tornade Blonde, to the playfully sensual Burberry Body, these luxury perfumes capture the wide differences that can be present in just one woman’s personality and image. Share your thoughts on these fragrances, and make sure to let us know what other luxury perfume you think should be on this list.

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