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9 Best Michael Kors Women’s Sunglasses in 2018

Michael Kors sunglasses are a legend and a must-have for any woman. One great aspect of the Michael Kors sunglasses for women is that they are available in various styles, from casual to glamorous, and from classical to modern. The list below is a top of 9 best Michael Kors women’s sunglasses that includes aviator, cat-eye, butterfly and square styles. A number of factors have been considered when creating the best MK sunglasses list: price range, reviews, style, variety, and effectiveness.

9. Michael Kors Rose Gold-Tone Pandora Pilot Sunglasses

michael kors women's sunglasses

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Color: Rose Gold

Lens Color: Rose Gold

Material: Acetate, Metal

Features: UV400 lenses, mirrored

Style: Aviator

These stylish and comfortable women’s Michael Kors sunglasses feature a modern design that combines metal, acetate and a mirrored lens. The Michael Kors logo is stamped at the temple and the frame comes with a 2-year guarantee. There are many positive reviews that praise these MK shades for being sturdy and fabulous. The perfect accessory for a sunny day at the beach or in town!

8. Abela II Sunglasses

Abela II Sunglasses

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Color: Pink, Dark Tortoise, or Black/White

Lens Color: Brown or Black

Material: Acetate

Features: Non-polarized lenses with a gradient. 100% UV Protection. Case and cloth included.

Style: Cat-eye

The Abella II sunglasses from Michael Kors feature elegant cat-eye frames and non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. They come in a dual tone black and white, pink, or tortoiseshell patterns. Reviewers love these Michael Kors women’s sunglasses because of their ability to look stylish in either jeans or a dress. They are reasonably priced compared to other Michael Kors women shades.

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7. Hvar Sunglasses

Hvar Sunglasses

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Color: Gold/Fuchsia, Rose Gold/White, Gold/Wood, or Rose Gold

Lens Color: Blue, Brown, Fuchsia

Material: Metal

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case and cloth included.

Style: Aviator

Very similar to the Chelsea sunglasses reviewed further below, the Hvar are aviator style sunglasses. The MK shades feature a thin, colored, metallic frame in either fuchsia, white, wood, or rose gold. What reviewers love about them compared to the Chelsea glasses, is their color and stylishness. While regular aviator glasses can be perceived as too casual, the gold, white, and rose gold colors offered can give these Michael Kors aviators a hint of sophistication. These Michael Kors women’s sunglasses are a few years old, so they often go on sale online.

6. Jan Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Audrina III Sunglasses

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Color: Yellow, dark turquoise and black

Lens Color: Smoke

Material: Plastic frame

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case included.

Style: Butterfly

Jan Cat-Eye is a glamorous pair of MK sunglasses with an ombre frame. They make their wearer look sophisticated in any situation. While the shades are extremely stylish, reviewers love their effectiveness the most. These Michael Kors women’s sunglasses are very good at keeping out UV rays and light, and they will make you look glamorous. These cat-eye sunglasses from Michael Kors are timeless, yet sophisticated.

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5. Vivianna I Sunglasses

Vivianna I Sunglasses

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Color: Gold

Lens Color: Fuchsia and teal

Material: Metal

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case included.

Style: Aviator

What sets these Michael Kors women’s sunglasses apart from the others is the colors. The Vivianna I glasses feature aviator-style frames and lenses that come in bright metallic gold and fuchsia. These women’s Michael Kors sunglasses are a great standout accessory, and that is what people love most about them. Another great part of the shades is that they are not that pricey in comparison to other Michael Kors sunglasses for ladies.

4. Champagne Beach Sunglasses

Champagne Beach Sunglasses

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Color: Glossy Brown/Tortoise, Clear/Tortoise, Black/Cream, or Pink/Tortoise

Lens Color: Black, Blue or Brown

Material: Plastic

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case and cloth included.

Style: Cat-eye

These women’s Michael Kors sunglasses have cat-eye lenses and frames. The clear acetate frames come in mixed tones of tortoise and either brown, clear, black, or pink. Champagne Beach sunglasses are the perfect Micahel Kors shades you can wear to add a look of luxury to any outfit. The ultimate cat-eye look, mixed with the vibrant lenses colors makes these sunglasses pop on anyone wearing them. With a price tag under $100, these Michael Kors women’s sunglasses are among the most affordable models.

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3. Island Tropics Sunglasses

Island Tropics Sunglasses

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Color: Tortoise or Blush

Lens Color: Blue or Brown

Material: Plastic

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case included.

Style: Cat-eye with round lenses

The Island Tropics sunglasses are styled with round lenses and cat-eye frames. The acetate frames come in two-toned tortoise or blush colors. The blush color for these frames is a mixture of dark brown and pink. The Island Tropic glasses come with either light blue with tortoise frames or pink with blush frames. The Island Tropics sunglasses from Michael Kors are ideal for any sunny day. Whether you are out, lounging on the beach, or working in the city, these MK sunglasses will grab anyone’s attention. The shades are on the lower end of the price range for Michael Kors sunglasses.

2. Tabitha III Sunglasses

Tabitha III Sunglasses

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Color: Dark Tortoise/Brown Gradient, Grey Glitter/Silver Mirror, or Taupe Glitter/Rose Gold

Lens Color: Brown or Silver

Material: Plastic

Features: Non-polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case and cloth included.

Style: Square

These classic, full, squared rim Michael Kors sunglasses have clear, acetate frames. The frames come in tortoiseshell, silver glitter, or taupe glitter colors. The Tabitha III sunglasses stand out above so many other Michael Kors women’s sunglasses because of one thing: glitter. What people love in reviews are how these shades shine and shimmer. The glitter or tortoiseshell colored frames will make a statement no matter where you wear them. As they are older frames, these sunglasses can be found on sale often.

1. Chelsea Sunglasses

Chelsea Sunglasses

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Color: Plum, Orange, Gold, Rose Gold, or Green

Lens Color: Plum, Orange, Brown, or Green

Material: Metal

Features: Polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. Case included.

Style: Aviator

The Chelsea sunglasses have an aviator style and their frames and lenses come in multiple colors. The shades feature a colored metal frame with matching lenses. Michael Kors’ classic Chelsea sunglasses are an all-time classic due to their style and simplicity. They are the perfect blend of sporty and stylish that allows you to wear them on any occasion and have them stand out anywhere. A must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.

Final Statement

The above list is the absolute best of Michael Kors sunglasses for women. Whether you are looking for classic aviators or sexy cat-eye sunglasses, there is a good chance Michael Kors has a pair of sunglasses for you. Which of the above Michael Kors women’s sunglasses is your favorite? Share what you think about our top MK sunglasses.

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