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8 Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren is one of the most well-known and iconic fashion brands in the world. Their products are also adored by many people. Ralph Lauren sunglasses often range from $100-500 in price. You can get them cheaper whenever they’re on sale and after they’ve been out for a year or two. Below we have listed the top eight Ralph Lauren sunglasses to own, based on customer ratings and quality.

8. Signature Pony Sunglasses

Signature Pony Sunglasses

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Color: Havana
Lens Color: Gradient pink
Material: Acetate
Features: 100% UV protection and scratch-resistant coating
Style: Round

The Signature Pony Sunglasses are a glamorous pair of rounded sunglasses with the Ralph Lauren signature embossed pony. UV protection coats the lenses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. While the classical “Ralph Lauren” text is subtly etched on the left lens, the signature pony adorns each temple.

These sunglasses can be used with an eyeglass prescription, making them convenient for those who wear prescription glasses. This product ranges from $95 to $130 in price.

7. Art Deco Square Sunglasses

Art Deco Square Sunglasses

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Color: Red
Lens Color: Grey
Material: Acetate and metal
Features: 100% UV protection and scratch-resistant coating
Style: Square

If you have a bold personality, the red Art Deco Square Sunglasses will suit you well. Inspired by art deco, these Ralph Lauren sunglasses feature ribbed metal temples and a chic square frame. The lenses have a scratch-resistant coating to increase their durability and 100% UV ray protection to protect your eyes.

Each pair of red Art Deco Square Sunglasses comes with a leather case and a cleaning wipe. The Art Deco are not very expensive, but give the appearance of a luxurious style.

6. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Color: Honey
Lens Color: Grey blue
Material: Acetate
Features: 100% UV protection with scratch-resistant coating
Style: Cat eye

The Ralph Lauren Cat Eye sunglasses bring a modern look to a retro style. Their unique honey color helps them stand out and works well with many summer outfits. The lenses are lightweight with scratch-resistant coating. They protect your eyes from 100% of UV rays. The “Ralph Lauren” logo is discreetly positioned on the upper left lens and inner right bow.

These honey cat eye sunglasses come in a leather carrying case with a stud closure. You can purchase them for $175-$250.

5. Ricky RL Sunglasses

Ricky RL Sunglasses

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Color: Bone
Lens Color: Gradient pink
Material: Acetate
Features: 100% UV ray protection with antireflective lenses
Style: Rounded Square

Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s wife and muse, Ricky Lauren, the Ricky RL Sunglasses feature a rounded square shape and the RL logo. The sunglasses are Italian-made and follow that style, having the gold-toned Ralph Lauren monogram added at each temple.

The lenses are antireflective for the gradient pink color, being polarized only for the black one, and provide 100% UV protection. Each pair of sunglasses comes in the signature leather case.

4. Ralph Lauren Engraved Round Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren Engraved Round Sunglasses

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Color: Black
Lens Color: Smoke
Material: Metal and acetate
Features: 100% UV protection, semi-rimless frame, come with a debossed leather case
Style: Round

The Ralph Lauren Engraved Round Sunglasses feature textured metal temples and a semi-rimless frame. Ralph Lauren describes them as putting “a fresh spin on Ivy League style.” The left lens has “Polo” etched on it indicating they’re from Ralph Lauren’s Polo collection.

The Engraved Round sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays as well. They come in a debossed leather case. Fitting in the lower price range, these Ralph Lauren sunglasses are some of the most inexpensive.

3. Ralph Lauren RL 7047Q Sunglasses

Ralph Lauren RL 7047Q Sunglasses

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Color: Gold-Cream Marble
Lens Color: Gradient brown
Material: Metal
Features: Full rim metal frame with polycarbonate, polarized lenses
Style: Aviator

The Ralph Lauren RL 7047Q Sunglasses are available in several colors, including shiny pale gold/gradient brown, silver, gold/tortoise, and gold-cream marble. The shiny pale gold/gradient brown sunglasses complement a classy style. They are polarized to minimize glare and reduce eye strain. Not all versions of Ralph Lauren RL 7047Q sunglasses have polarized lenses.

These Ralph Lauren sunglasses come with a case and cloth for helping them stay in good condition longer, and range in price between $110 and $190.

2. Ralph by Ralph Lauren Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

Ralph by Ralph Lauren Women's Aviator Sunglasses

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Color: Purple and silver
Lens Color: Purple gradient
Material: Composite frame, glass lenses
Features: Rx-able, your choice in non-polarized or polarized
Style: Aviator

According to customer reviews online, these sunglasses fit well for women with small faces. If regular aviators are usually too large for you, then Ralph by Ralph Lauren Women’s Aviator Sunglasses will likely fit you perfectly.

These sunglasses have both polarized and non-polarized versions. Polarized sunglasses offer better protection for your eyes. They are also available in sand/brown horn and silver/burgundy horn color schemes.

1. Western Cat Eye Sunglasses

Western Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Color: Tortoise
Lens Color: Pink gradient
Material: Acetate frames, lightweight lenses
Features: Scratch-resistant coating, 100% UV ray protection, comes with leather case and signature wipe
Style: Cat eye

The fashionable Western Cat Eye Sunglasses make a bold statement and are the embodiment of retro-chic. Their Western-inspired look makes them an instant classic and easily stand out with the help of the intricately etched metal tips.The two frame colors, Brown Horne and Tortoise, complement the pink gradient lenses in a unique and appealing style.

“Ralph Lauren” is subtly etched on the left lens and the silver nameplate at the outer side of the temples. These Ralph Lauren sunglasses are also Italian-made and come with the standard leather case with a snapped closure and signature-stamped cleaning wipe.

Final Statement

Most of Ralph Lauren’s top sunglasses are equipped with 100% UV ray protection to block harmful ultraviolet rays. Some of them feature polarized lenses as well to protect your eyes from glare. Which of the above Ralph Lauren sunglasses is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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